Tuesday, May 29, 2007


FUCK. FUCK THE DUCK!!!!! <--- I'm a creator of new vulgar phrases ok

I'm the saddest example of the most bimbotic procrastinator EVER. Tomorrow is the day D with the LAST GRAD ORAL EXAM from Society Studies. Honestly, I can't even *pretend* that I know anything,. cuz I DON'T. Yet.....am I studying/revising..?


If I fail tmr, I'll DIE. Gosh~ @_@

Dear Almighty Duck, PLEASE, lemme choose Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Freud, Jung or Kant cuz I remember them at least a bit. Also the religionistics would do me good...just, PLEASE....NO LAW NOR ECONOMY.

Thank you.... *sighhhh*

I'm off to revising that nothing I know. Shit shit fuck fuck fuckkkkkkk the duckkkk. @_@

So far I've been acing it, I feel like Federer, hahha... Lit A, History of Arts A, English A.......ok, let's prepare for tomorrow's D...... ALL GODS IN THE UNIVERSE, SAVE ME, HELP ME, LEAD MY HAND TO A GOOD & EASY QUESTION, PLEASE!!!!


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