Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"No Time For Love"

There's FINALLY/SADLY/LUCKILY nothing else for me to contemplate about because one episode of my drama of life has just ended.
It was bitter like a lemon fernet for me and I'm still swallowing it, but c'est la vie.....
To the point:

DOGGY: "How was your badminton? What, ain't the Prague option interesting for you?"

ME: "Not NOW, after the grad maybe...I'm in PN now....but then, I'll come...for 85%! "Life is about changes" as the Heracleitos from Efez has said!"

DOGGY: "I know. Is it there where those vinyls are? I won't be here (in SK) right after your grad but I'll surely come back later. And if I'm right, it's as the Epicuros has said: 'Foreigner, here you will feel good, here the pleasure is the biggest contentment.'"

ME: "Anyways, now I'm in PN and it's fine here; fresh strawberries in the garden, badminton, food, relax, music...aaaahh. :)"

DOGGY: "And what about the lovers? And the beer? I was kinda thinking when you were talking about that your ex....you're still waiting for your prince, aren't you?"

ME: "Hahaaa, today one guy that was dropping the flyers almost dropped off his bike when he saw me in a short skirt! :P And yes, I am waiting....and with my requirements I think I will, for a long time... =_="

DOGGY: "Don't you worry, those that would like to please you (physically, he meant), they are in heaps! You're just SMSing with one I guess.... But if you're waiting for your prince, it's not gonna be me. I don't have any time for love now."

ME: "Well, I could have LOTS of them last Friday at Dopler (SK version of the Zouk) but..no, thanks...I'm not in for shallow relationships. Is love for tennis enough to you? ;)"

DOGGY: "It is. It's just that sometimes one needs to vent out the hormones. If you'd have a similar problem someday, I'll be glad to help...but now I'm off to sleep. Nites & sweet dreams. I'm going to dream and I think it'll be about making love with you."

ME: "Good night and I hope there's a tennis racquet lying by your side.. ;) Well, and if you were calling me to come to CZ just so you'd be able to shag me, then I definately won't come. Sweet tennis dreams!"

DOGGY: "Nah, just like, for a visit. It's not like I can call you for anything else anyways (he has a gf but he's planning to break up with her after the grad).. Well, nitez and sweet dreams about the Miletian school." <--- I was studying the Philosophy, hence all these Philo jokes & references :)

ME: "Well, that's another speech now! I shall see. Take care!"

Wow, so kool, I've always wanted to be the one the guys wanna shag. =_=''''
Well.....no comment.

My feminine dignity and pride is shattered. Gosh, if ALL GUYS are like this, I'll be a lesbian. =_= :P

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