Thursday, May 31, 2007


It's OVER!!!!!
It was OVER already yesterday but I was too exhausted to think straight. In fact, I'm still not really GETTING it; all those 8 years of my grammar school are...... *OVER*. *_____*
Gosh, I won't believe it until I get that precious graduation report card!!!!!

Btw, the grad. My results are awesome:

1 - Literature & Slovak language
1 - English
1 - History of Arts
3 - Social Studies (but that was absolutely unfair, I should have gotten 2 or even 1!!!! The prof is apparently a complete bitch, I hope her boobs rot & drop off)

1 is like A and 3 is like C.
I'm proud of myself but I can't say it was entirely my geniality kickin' in cuz it was partially about an INSANE LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh. I've chosen - from all the 35 questions that I haven't studied for - the only one question I haven't studied for as well, but knew about it anyways. That was the "Slovak folk arts and costumes".

Then on Slovak I've chosen the "Baroco & Classicistic" literature to which they gave me three pages with excerpts I had to work with - and that's just what I needed as I'm bad at memorising stuff and good at working with texts. By the way, the other questions had just two papers with excerpts. Lucky lucky me!

English was nice too. Know what have I chosen? ART & CULTURE. Teheheheeee! So we ended up talking about the visual arts I like and about me hopefully going to KL & etc. :P

And then Social Studies, I've chosen a Q where I had to talk about the human rights & the political parties & etc. I've told that bitch EVERYTHING. And she gave me 3???!!!! FUCK HER AND I LIKED HER!!!!

Anyways, I'm happy cuz now the doors to Limkokwing and to everywhere are open wide AND now I have the chance to fulfill my dream & go study Graphic Design overseas. ^_^

Sadly, I've been slacking in the terms of drawing & painting... I must start painting again. For the past three hell of a weeks I was doing three things only: STUDYING, EATING, SLEEPING. Seriously, I've learnt more during these three weeks than during all those 8 years! Hahaha!


Today I'm going to give back the books they borrowed us and then I'm going to Prague with dad. :) I'm soooo looking forward! ^__^ We'll be going for a KOREAN DINNER and I'm salivating for a Korean food for like 18 years of my life or so. :D Yesterday I've found THREE Korean restaurants in Prague (compared to ZERO in BA) and I really dunno to which one shall we doesn't matter long as we'll go to one! ^_^

I'll have a day off in Prague and I plan to go shopping in the downtown. I hope I won't get lost too often - I've been to Prague million years ago and I don't remember a single thing, not even where the Vaclav's Square is and how do I get to the Karl's Bridge. @_@ OMG, emmbarrasing....and to think we were one country once.... @_# :D

Bikini, sneakers & a bag, that's what I need. So I shall hunt for it. :) I'm thinking about buying some funky Converse shoes cuz I've always been eyeing them but never bought them cuz my cousin told me that they are quite shitty. Well, as they say "Trust but try out"...I shall do so. :)

THen the bikini....well, I've been thinking about buying Lacoste bikini but thinking about it again, it's a waste of money. Do I need to have a crocodile on my boob?! NOPE!!! :P Besides, it's a tennis brand and from a certain time onwards EVERYWHERE I GO, THERE GOES TENNIS. It's like, STALKING ME!!! @_@ I'm starting to hate it!

Wherever I come, there are people talking about tennis. I switch on the TV and there's tennis (but that's understandable, as the Roland Garros is now). I meet new people and they turn out to be tennis players. GOSH.

Whoops....I'm in a quacking mood today but I must go liao - the books are waiting! It's going to be the very last time of myself in *that* school. ^_^ The LAST TIME will be on Monday when we'll get the GRADUATION REPORT CARDS and then.... I'm OFFICIALLY FREE. ^___^


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Anonymous said...

Congrads!!! that is awesome! Freedom and GREAT RESULTS!!!I quote miss Ducky- "I am not doing any work!"
YEAH RIGHT!! XD ^-^ ...
What was that? 3 As and a C? WOW!