Tuesday, May 01, 2007

FengShui-ing Around Da Room

Just as the title quacks, I've gotten yet another feng shui mood & I've almost compoopletely tided up my room, cleant up everythong that could be cleant up, threw out almost all useless stuffs AND - and this is an upgrade! :D - even drew a plan of my tiny room and determined which corners of the room are said to be full of the negative qi that can't be roused.

Sadly for me I HAD to rouse one negative qi corner, the Northeast one because I had a mirror there and according to FS, the mirror doubles the qi. In my case it was doubling the negative qi (if we assume that we believe in all these qi quackings) and that really is NOT good at all! @_@

Right now there are two candles lightning up my room. One of them is in a LOTUS shape, now, could you find anything more......feng shui-y? O_o :P
Cantik. ^_^ Me likes! :D

I think I'm getting paranoid cuz of the upcoming graduation and therefore I wanna make sure that EVERYTHING is perfect with me & around me.
(I'm even planning to wear RED TOP & UNDIES on the grad that will bring me luck. In fact, I've realized that whenever we have a difficult test, I tend to wear red. Seems like I'm kinda superstitious. Uhhh. =_=)

Sadly, Snakes (me) are the compooplete opposites of Pigs (this year is the Year Of Pig) and that means that in general this won't be a good year...and that adds up to my pre-grad paranoia. :P

If you catch me buying some esotheric qi-enhancing golden whatever next time, STOP ME!!!! @_@ It means I've gone seriusly GILA and I need just few tight slaps. -_- :D :D

Hmmm, there might be something true about these qi things because immidiatelly after tiding it up here I feel much much better. ^^

It's miraculous - THERE IS NO DUST ON THE FLOOR!!!!! *faints*

Such things rarely happen to me. :P

Eeeeh. It's full moon. Know what that means? That I won't be able to fall asleep!!!! T___T I'm weirdly sensitive to these full moons and I don't sleep well when it's so. I'm not a werewolf (WEREDUCK???? That's more likely :D) though, don't you be scared! :P :D

Feng Shui.
Feng Shui.
Feng Shui.

I like it......at least for the fact that it keeps me tiding up my room. :P

In case you get inspired by me & FS your room too, then WATCH OUT FOR THE WEST, NORTHWEST & NORTHEAST!!!! *waggles feather*
The negative qi (some 'bad stars' or whatever) are said to be there in 2007 and the less you disturb them, the better. In case you NEED to disturb them, at least don't disturb them as the first ones - you better start in another corners of your room.

Now, am I educated or not? :D

HAHA!!!! :P

Uh, now it quacked me. MY BED IS ON THE WEST!!!! @_@

*Borat voice* Nice, nice, niiiiiice.....NOOOT!!!!!!
What do I do? Sleep badly until 2008???? -_-

*inner voice*
Ducky Princess, PLEASE. -_- Wake up lah. Don't take FS THAT seriously....it only has 5000 years worth of history! :P

Okay. Off I go to take my freshly showered plants (new yang qi), put them in my room, then I'll freshly shower myself, set the alarm clock (6.25am T_T) and go sleep to my negative qi corner. Sigh. Hahaha. :D

GOOD NIGHT!!!! ^_^

(And, btw, YANG qi is the good one and YIN qi is the bad one and they must be in harmony. I'm so clever. And check out www.wofs.com) :D

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