Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm Scaring Myself

I've just CLEANT UNDER MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMD!!!! OMD!!!! *dies of horror*
Oh yes, and then I've wiped the wooden shelfes & the funny sculpture of a lazy, laid-back laughing Buddha that father brought from Taiwan many years ago.

We have this cleaning thingamajig (I love this word, HAHAHAAAAA, ducky sis, thanx for teaching me :D) for wooden furniture that contains honey and it TOTALLY changes the quality of the wood. It's so shiny and pretty.

Mmmm. ^^

Oh, duck me, I'm quacking like a 89 yrs old grandma. =_=

Yesterday I was SO boasting on the topic of myself being a nerd and..?!

It's 8.32pm and I STILL haven't studied a single page.
GAH. =_=

I'd better do so ASAP cuz I've counted that I have only 26 days left until the grad and that's a freakishly short time, considering those 58847547857785 pages worth of uninteresting notes that I have to remember. @_@

Today my Society Studies prof accused me of slacking and losing the grip of things when I've muttered that I don't understand the Slovak annuity plan that includes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pillar and 18% and 9% and other 9% and the Social Insurance Co. and BLAHBLAH, in other words, it's madly complicated and not even my mother understands it.
Thank you, professor. =_=

The thing is, it's in the B level graduation questions (that she & her colleagues prepared!) and she was explaining that to us today, in case we get that question.

Wahlau. I'm worried bululess, I really am! @_@ This prof liked me at first but now I think she no longer does that much. Then there is the Geo prof which is a complete bitch and I am SURE that she hates me. We have this kind of Potter-Snape relationship. :P

Aaaaahhh well...................................................................I think there is no more room for procrastination for me left. Maybe only.....checking out my horoscopes. XD

And after *THAT* I WILL go study Slovak literature which is the most annoying subject EVER but I'll try to autohypnose myself into loving it more than sushi.


NO PAIN, NO GAIN. In my case, no FREEDOM.

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Kafka said...

chin up girl. you'll be alright.