Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Painstaking Path Of A Nerdess

Didf that sound pompous enough? Teheheeee.... I hope it did. :P
Reading it again, it sounds more WEIRD than POMPOUS, but.... Okay, I'm not prince William to speak perfect English, just my teeth are almost his size.

It all leads to one thing anyways - I am (un)pleased to announce that TODAY I've officially launched my newly-found schizo part of myself, that is, THE NERDESS.
*Yes, I also don't think such a word exists.*
I've managed to study for FULL THREE AND HALF HOURS during which I've learnt the mysteries of State, Democracy, Peoples and the blahblahs around it and then Neolit, Paleolit, Egypt, Mykena and Creta and its art, architecture and sculpture.
O_o *_*

I've never thought I'm able to study THAT much! OMB!!! O_O @_@
The nerdess path is gonna continue tomorrow and even fiercely than today, as today was just the warm-up.
Gosh, isn't it scary? :P Ain't *I* in particular scary?! @_@

I believe I am and as a true nerdess I'm now listening neither to Beyonce nor to Avril Lavigne but to a CLASSICAL RADIO via iTunes.

Oh. My. Poopness.


Don't be scared though.... I assure you that the nanosecond after my graduation I will turn into my usual self and enjoy the art of procrastination yet again in its full glory.

It's sad but NOW, in my new Nerdess role, I can't procrastinate as much as my soul wishes to. T_T
True, today all that studying exhausted me as much as I was reading Potter 6 for most of the time after it but....again, today was JUST A WARM-UP. *shivers*


Period is bodoh. My complexion is awful, my small of the back hurts bluntly and I can't even go to power yoga because many of the asanas aren't recommended to women in *those days*. :( I've wasted 150Skk already, as I had booked and paid a power yoga class at the morning (8am ~ 9.30am) but I precisely remember waking up at 4.22am and finding out that I have a period.
Next time then...but not even tomorrow...maybe next week... TT___TT

I don't dare to go to yoga despite of the period because I believe that during those thousands of years of yoga's history the yoga masters surely must have found out what's beneficial and what's not for the body, right?!
Then if they say this asana isn't good when you have the period, I shall not do it.

But I LOVE yoga! ^_^

It's so awesome....those gracious, slow movements we (desperately try) to do...the breathing in & out....the meditative music....those beautiful, balanced asanas...

My most fave ones are the ones where we stand on one leg and hold our hands either together as in a prayer or held out in that 'lotus flower' way or whatever it is called. ^^


Midnight liao. Eeehhh. I'm just sipping my Sweet Dreams tea & listening to the So 90's iTunes radio and feeling REALLY sleepy already. Got school tmr! UUUAAA!!!! TT___TT

Nite, nite. Love ya all. *kisses*

I've heard Se7en was supposed to be in it but maybe our TVs aren't airing that version or what....sigh...!


小Kafka said...

hilarious. :)

Ducky Mia said...

Not really! PAINFUL!!!! AAAAHHH!!!!!
I certainly weren't born for the path of a NERDESS, no no, I really weren't. T_T

It's against all human laws...