Thursday, May 10, 2007

Golf/R&B Chicks With Long Legs/Awesome Tennis Panties

It's THURSDAY already! YEAH!! *dances salsa*

Tomorow is FRIDAY and then SATURDAY....and that's when I'm off to some VIP golf tournament as a hostess. 1000Skk netto. AWESOME. ^^

I'll buy the Slovak version of the HK Octopus card (although here we don't tap anything as we're in paleolitic age in terms of mass transport), buy the fitness member card and then indulge. Perhaps on sushi or aromatic candles.... Or on new flowers! ^_^

There's the new Rihanna's single "Umbrella" playing on the radio and I must say that I REALLY like it. It's so....different. :)


It's Beyonce that's considered as the unofficial "Queen of R&B" but...she's so....UNORIGINAL. I find all her songs sounding the same, her style is the same and it's all more an average pop with a hint of R&B than R&B itself.
She has a ducking hot body though, I wouldn't mind having one myself. *bats eyelashes*


Wahlau, her legs are 5x longer than my ENTIRE body. O_O

BUT! My fave is AMERIE! ^^
Maybe it's also cuz she's a half Korean and we all know that I'm biased.

Have you heard her new single "Take Control" liao? More impooportantly, have you seen the video liao?
Gosh, it's so sexy, I think I'm turning lesbian while watching it. O_O

And again, even her legs are 5x longer than my ENTIRE body, even though you can't see it on this pic.
Well, in my next life I'll be Barbie and then *THEY* will envy *ME*! MWAHA!

I bought AWESOME panties today @ Accessorize. :D They are stripy on front and these stripes are rasberry-pink & white....and on the back they have this hilarious patterns consisting of little tennis racquets, tennis balls & hearts. XD
It's HILARIOUS, really!!!!! XD

There were also other hilarious panties (with watermelons & chrries, with lil' doggies...) but none of them were THAT hilarious.

I feel like I can finally go play tennis. ^_~

....Marx, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, the After-Classicist Philosophy...that's what I've learnt today. Sian lah. NITES! ^^

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