Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Two Chirping Birds

I have never believed on anything like SYMBOLS, SIGNS and etc., but I was forced to rethink it few days ago.
I have never 100%-ly believed even in this Feng Shui thing and I think I'll be forced to rethink it too. :P

Three days ago, in the morning, I was in the living room, just about to leave for the school. Suddenly, I heard a REALLY loud chirping and even though I was in a hurry, I turned around and saw two pretty birds on the balcony fence (or whatever) 'dancing' around each other.
It was *them* who were chirping so aloud.. And I was looking at them, smiling, they were chirping and then they flew away....still together. My mother hasn't noticed a thing.

"The birds?", I thought, "The birds are supposed to be a super positive sign according to the FS...and TWO birds, that may be a sign of a positive turn in my love life or something!"

Little I believed in that anyways and I went to school.
And then I came back home & logged into MSN & ICQ. I saw Doggy online and I was really tempted to IM him but then I collected all my pride & dignity and my hurt ego & told my friend:

"I'm NOT gonna IM him ANYMORE. It's leading from nowhere to nowhere & nothing's gonna happen anyways."

A minute later he IMed to me & invited me on mutual webcaming.

And from THAT DAY onwards I am chatting with Doggy almost everyday and he's inviting me to see him in Prague (there's a tournament these days) and to "listen to the music by the candles"...oh yes, and he has told me that the way I looked at him once on the webcam (but I swear that was just for fun!) was "really tough weapon" and so on.


Duck. I can't believe it's JUST BECAUSE. O_o
Who knows what's gonna happen today..tomorrow...later? :)

I have politely declined his Prague offer because I'm graduating in freaking few days and I need to STUDY, not to watch him playing tennis...haha...however...maybe I might go to CZ AFTER the graduation.

I just hope that things will go fine! If not, I'll kill those silly birds for making me believe in things that weren't for real! @_@ :P


Slovak lingo composition: 92,6%
English description: 90%
English graduation test: 92,5%

The ORAL GRADS are coming. I'm freaking's not like I've studied too much. @_@ WISH ME LUCK & MANY MORE BIRDS ON THE FENCE, PLEASE. ^_^

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