Saturday, December 02, 2006

Let Me Breath

It's been a bad day
Let me rest now
Leave me alone
Let me breath
Leave me with myself

Life's such a bitch
And so are us within it
I can't breath anymore

Where's the joy
Where's the love
Where's the harmony
I ask myself
As I come home late
Exhausted and lonely

Where's the hug
Where's the tranquility
When for being human
We lack the ability

What right do you have
To attack me?!
Look at yourself, you loser
You're no better than me
No man
Shut the fuck up & go away

I have no time for you
Telling me I'm
Must be such a great ego boost
I used to like you, 'friend'
Bye, until you grow up!

Let me breath
Take me to wherever I could
Gain the courage to live
Learn to love again
Stand up & smile

Stereotypic life
Grey, sad & troublesome
Let the golden sunshine
Pierce my grey heart
Hug me, Happiness
See my standing here alone?

Let me dream
Then pursue it
Let me run through the rainbow
With a smile on my face

Let me breath
The Life
Let me breath
Careless & free

Let me breath
Confident & successful
Let me breath
Let me breath
For now I can't


Anonymous said...

mich. im gonna post u the april snow n my sassy girl tomorrow.. let me know when u get the cds ok.. miss u!! *hugs**

oh btw. im going to phuket in january with hiro.. hehe.. :D

take care babe! love ya!


Princess Mich said...

Yeeeeeeey, Munie babe!!! ^__^
Terima kasiiiiiih~~~ ^^ Cant wait to get 'em!

Phuket.. *orgasmic sigh* ...and with HIRO?! ^_~ Him??? ^_~ Got anything going on together ar? :D