Friday, March 24, 2006

Unavená, takmer mŕtva*

I'm so terribly tired. I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep anytime & then die. =_= AAarrrggghh. @_@ Today was a totally USELESS day, I have no idea why I even went to school....

Eng - idiotic exercises in our idiotic book, Esp - idiotic article, Sport - I was lazy to exercise so I didn't, Maths - what was that stuff abt!?, Phy - what was that stuff abt!?, Aesthetics - talking abt graffitti what was interesting but I was too tired to think. =_=

Then me, Kuci & Plutva went for a walk with Haku...after that hungry Kuci, me & Linda went for lunch to Bamboo Garden (yum yum, shiitake in a chicken soup and sweet & sour chicken, mmmm~~ ^^) and then Kuci & me were just walking around the downtown and checking out few shops.

SUCH AN EXCITING DAY. *rolls eyes*

Pom (the real guy) said that he doesn't wanna accept any money for the Armchair's CD I asked him to get me but I refuse to be a bitch like this cuz that boy has the same prob as me - he's an incurable waster. XD That means he seldomly has enuff money cuz he likes to waste. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THIS HIS INCURABLE DISEASE. *angelic smile*

OMP, if me & him were still a couple and I were in Thailand (so it wouldn't be any long-d rship), it would be A COMPLETE DISASTER. Hahahaha! XD
No money never & endless wasting on food/clothes/drinks/anything nice and irrestistible. XD

Fine, fine. Blahblah. Lemme go read or wat. I'm SIAN. *yawns*

Listening to: Nothing. I'm too tired to switch on the music.
Yay!: Bamboo Garden lunch, wearing my new Bennetton cardigan, me still alive, new book~
Grrr: School. School. School. School. School. School. School. School. Waking up at 5.55am for school. >_<

* In Slovak: "Tired, almost dead"

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