Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sleep-deprived. =_=

Imagine the scariest thing ever:
ME.....with rather oily hair, ghostly white tired skin with zits here & there, dark panda eyebags, dry cracked lips, reddish eyes and pieces of a dried black mascara fallen down from my eyelashes to my eyebags.

I doubt anyone can be sexier!!!!! @_@

That's what I get for going to bed at 12.20am, falling asleep at 1.30am, waking up around 4.45am on the sound of SMS & when trying to fall asleep again being disturbed by my mother who couldn't sleep & went to cook at 5am.
And of course, I was waking up at 6.25am as every weekday. =_= x_x @_@ #_#
*drops dead*
OH MYYYYYYYYY, I'm so tired! ._. I wish I could just go to bed & sleep but no, I can't, I must go study Biology for tmr's test. =_=

Oh well, anyways..
Mi madre bought me new shoes today. ^__^ They're moccasins, white leather and....and...with RHINSTONES!!!!
Hahaha! So I'm a real sparkling duckling now, you can't deny it. :P XD

They look better in real. ^^ I really love 'em! ^__^
At first I was thinking of getting some sandals with tiny heels but the truth is that, I walk up & down 126 stairs 2 times a day, 5 times a week .
(Credits to http://www.gabor.de) Not good for heels, you must admit too. :P

Aiyah. Alright my dear duckies, I should be going now. Need to take a shower & make a strong black tea which will keep me alive while trying to remember Biology. ._.

Listening to: Amerie - "Touch"
+++: The shoes. ^^ And the smoked trout we just ate & kulajda (a very yummy Czech soup).
---: No sleep! @_@
Duck: Mr. Cho at the Arirang Korean grocery store today. :P He still remembers me!!! After x months of me not shopping at his place! Wah! O_o

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