Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random quack No. 457452,902

* Hubooby, TERIMA POOPSIH for all your advices. *squishy berbulu hugs* I'll always remember them! My hubooby is soooo good to tirelessly listen to all my bodoh stuffs... I'm endlessly grateful to you. You've helped me so much. ^_^ SAYA CINTA KAMU!!!! FORBLINGEVER!!!! :D My poopromise! ^^

* I bought the canvas today. 40 cm x 60 cm which is pretty good, I like it a lot, it's big enuff for me...I hate painting little details (that's why I hate all drawing including the one with giocondas) but I love to paint with a big brush on a big canvas/paper/Se7en's ass *ah ahem*. ^^;;;; XD
I think that those cherry flowers on this big canvas will be good... I can't wait for Monday, then I'll start it. ^_^

* I also bought a Koh-I-Noor woodless graphite pencil. NOTHING can stop me now from drawing in my free time. >_> Nothing. WTF, I've been lazying around since Ray came & left, I've skipped 4 art classes, drew nothing & pretended not to have anything to paint on/with. >_< style="font-style: italic;">more acrylics.
I've got 2 pallettes, hard brushes, soft brushes & even 1 Chinese calligraphic brush.

What else I want? >_>

* Finally I bought the yummy Pu-Erh tea! ^__^ It reminds me of Malaysia. There, in all the hawker stalls when I asked for tea, they brought me this Pu-Erh one. ^^
Well, from time to time they brought me some green tea but usually it was Pu-Erh. No wonder I lost so much weight, this tea helps it.
Guess my weight now?????

62kg. *faints* ._.

WTF, 54kg in M'sia, 58kg normally & 62kg now? =_=
I don't feel or look fat (that tummy is a bit bleeh maybe) but I feel just...bigger. :P
Pu-Erh, help me, k? ^^;;;;

* I wanna buy a cap. That means I'll go support the Vietnamese export and that means I'll go to the crappy market & buy something. MUAHAHAHA.
I'm in a hip hop mood now, maybe I'll go buy something hip hoppish. ^^ First I wanted to go to some kickass kool expensive Quiksilver & waste 1000Skk on one stupid cap but what's the point??? -_~
At Vietnamese markets I can buy kool caps too & maybe I'll even find something with kawaii manga animals!!! Hahaha!!!
Like panties with manga animals!!!! :D XD

Like these:

Oohhh so sexy. BUT!!! Mommy, mommy, I want THESE instead!!!! *_*

YEEEEY, such a beautiful pink dress with Hell-No Kitty!!! ^___^
*pukes secretly*

I want such!!! *_*

*runs away*

It's amazing to see what people are able to wear. >_>

But those panties are often found at the markets here. So if there'll be too little other kawaii manga animals panties there, I might end up with buying the Hell-No kitty ones. Oh no, where's this world going? O_o =_= XD

Listening to: "I'm Still A Man" by MC Mong.
I'm telling you I'm in a hip hop mood today. Just don't make me listen to Eminem or 50 Cent, please! I can't stand em! @_O# :P Hmmm...I have that CD of Miss Dynamite.... I shall listen to it later then.

Canvas, graphite pencil, Hell-No Kitty dress (WAHAHAHA, I'm kidding), Pu Erh & Gyokuro teas, Pom the keychain staring at me with loving eyes (can keychains stare?!) ^^ XD
And yay goes to Yunho's pelvic thrusts too. HAHA! Sexy!!! ^_~

Pom the real guy already changing his password to MSN which I've changed for him. *SNIFF* I wanted to log into his account & write something like "My towels are all lacey!" or other nonsense but I couldn't. u_u Or maybe I've typed the password wrongly. :P
Grrr goes to period cramps today also. And to Physics prof giving me -3 pts for not doing my hw. -_-


Anonymous said...

you're so cute n hahaha funny 2 *smirks*

love your blog.go get 'em gurl! *smiles* hahaha *sigh*

Lynnie said...

Wife!!!No pooplem...always here for my sayangku!!!Rant all she wanna to hubooby...he doesnt mind a THONG!!! :)

And Hell-no kitty dresses!?!?OMP! What has happened to the world?!?Aiyahhh...better start to lari la! ;)


Princess Mich said...

ANONYMOUS: Heeey YA!!!! :D Thanks for the flattering but WHO ARE YOU??? You must tell or I'll die of sadness. Haha. :P

HUBOOBY: Yay!!!! Thaaaanks my sayang!!! ^____^ FODURIANEVER DUCKLOVE!!!!! :D
Hell No-Kitty dresses are super sexy, does hubooby want one? *bats eyelashes*

Haha!!! XD QUACK!

Lynnie said...

OooOOo sexy glittery hell-no kitty dresses!!!He wanna one!!!Shall we get matching PINK ones?? *makes lovey dovey eyes at wife*

Bwahahahahahaha!!!!DURIAN ON!!! :)

Ilkka said...

So sexai Hell-No Kitty stuff! XD Get me some!!! :DDD
And baibee, why did you have to put that link to Brianboy´s blog in some of your previous entries?? I almost died of laughter again, coz I went to see it ;D

Princess Mich said...

OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH, let's do so laaaaaa~~~~~ MATCHING PINK ONES!!!!!! And one for Ilkka too! He must be our matching sexy duck!

Suuurreeeee, all three of us will wear it! ^___^ We'll be so damn sexy! Sexier than my grandma in bikini!!!! XD *faints*

And Brinboy rulesss, he always makes me laugh too! XD He has a good sense of humor btw! Heh! :D

Princess Mich said...

Brinboy...WTP....BRIANBOY I meant! :P