Monday, March 27, 2006

Panda's blab time again. >_>

Stupid daylight saving. >_<>
I had to wake up at 5.25am instead of my usual 6.25am! Not healthy. >_>

At the painting course I was doing a rough draft on how I want my oil on canvas look. And cuz I'm SO great, I didn't bother re-painting it for you in MS Paint. :D

THAT'S IT!!! ^___^
What do you think? Nice or not? :D I think it's quite nice although maybe rather boring or too simple...
It looks very spring-ish though. ^^

Well, when I finish the painting, I'll post the pics, ok?
It'll take some time though, I haven't even bought the canvas yet. :P

Oh well, I've got the infamous Chem test tmr. @_@ I haven't studied yet...just like I haven't studied for the today's Economics' test at all! Haha! *angelic smile* It wasn't hard though, I think I'll lose only 1 point. ^^;;;
For the Chem tmr I'll prepare some fascinatingly good CHEATSHEETS. I know that cheating is bad but heck, I'm lazy to study & this is the fastest way on how to get the Chem from my sight. ^^ MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! *evil laughter*

Maybe I should even prepare 'em on PC.
Colorful, good quality, tiny letters, all important info extracted! $5,000 for each, wanna??? XD You know, I need money, I wanna fly to KL & Thailand. ^^

Muaha, my attitude towards the school is impressive. :P

Oh well, now I must go read that book & finish it finally or my feathers die. Abt 120 pages left, that's nuffin! :D Chem can wait! MWAHA!

Listening to: Lee Seung Chul's "Western Sky". Nice, slow, sentimental. ^_^Me likes! :D
Yay!: Erm...maybe that art course. Oh yes & I've finally bought the transparent pantyhoses. Now I can wear skirts finally.... Yay goes to my mother which wanna cook bryndzove halusky today. :P And yay goes to the wonderful WARM SPRING WEATHER too! :D


Anneesa said...

Nooooooooooooooo! Don't cheat! Cause once you start its hard to stop.

Not that I've ever done it of course. LOL.

I like the drawing! Draw one for me will ya ;)

Princess Mich said...

I promise I won't cheat at the uni, but NOW..... *angelic smile*
I wonder how NOT to cheat, bwahaha. XD

I'll draw for you! But a smaller one & a different one (I never do the same thing) so I can send it to you! :D