Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Never say "I believe you" and then let me change the MSN password for you.

It's not good to give me your password for your MSN account. No, no. It's not good.
My dear wavy haired friend Pom should get his mistake by now after I.....

...logged into his account & wrote this as the personalized msg under the nickname:
"Lalalalaaaa, lalalaaaa, lalaLAAAAA, I bought a new pink bra 4 Pong! I hope u luv it, mann!!!!"
(Pong is his - and mine too - 25 yrs old friend and it's not a girl. It's a GUY. )

...logged out & giggled slyly...THEN decided to change his display pic. He still had there those two snowmen I drew in MS Paint a long time ago.

BORING, isn't it???
And very out-dated. It's 33C in Bangkok (WTF, I wanna also! >_<) & no snow here in Bratislava anymore. I had no suitable pics for him in my folders - all flowers, beaches, squirrels, manga animals, crowns, horses, high heels, Winter Sonata, irresistible Se7en, Bae Yong Joon darling, Shi Won....
Unless Pom is a gay or a seriously weird being, he shouldn't have my pics in his MSN account. XD

So I did WHAT???

This! ^___^
*dies laughing at her geniality*

Now you dunno how much it looks like Pom....but....I'm gonna show ya!!!!!


WUAHAHAHAHA, now you believe me?!~ XD

Fuckin good. I'm so proud of myself. XD

Poor Pom, he'll probably get a heart attack (WAHAHAHA, I almost wrote "hair attack"!!!!) after he logs into his account and FINDS THE NEWS THERE.
His wavy hair will all turn straight & that'll break my heart cuz I won't be able to make fun of it anymore. XD

Ahahaha! I'm so gila! XD

Or you'll end up like Pom. XD

Oh & now there's written a note for Pom not to kill me for the pic in the personalized msg section. No more bra for Pong. Next time! ^_~

Listening to: "Brother" by Miss Dynamite
Yay!: Yay goes to the face expression of poor little wavy haired being when accessing his MSN. Can't someone record it for me? Please???? *puppy dog eyes*
Grrr: Grrr 2 me!!!! Still haven't opened the Chem notes! >_<


secsayboy said...

Poor Pom, he'll probably get a heart attack (WAHAHAHA, I almost wrote "hair attack"!!!!)= "hair attack" WUAHAHAHAHA..aye it does look like his twin doesn't it WAHAHAHA.

ANONYMOUS: Heeey YA!!!! :D Thanks for the flattering but WHO ARE YOU??? You must tell or I'll die of sadness. Haha. :P = must i? *grin* = kk they call me secsayboy at all msging services (yahoo,hotmail n gmail) = but you can just call me secay k hahaha *smile* *wink*

Princess Mich said...

SECSAYBOY: Alrighty Secay! Nice to meet ya! ^^

se said...

likewise ducky *grin* believe me = d pleasure is all mine *smiling* ^^

Ilkka said...

Poor Pom! XD
That pic looks just like him! :D

Anneesa said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH! It looks soooo like him!! Sorry Pom, no offence but she is good!