Sunday, March 26, 2006

So true

Applause for Jolene FOR THIS ENTRY!!!

Read it well my dear duckies. Men & women. And learn!

*goes back to rather angry chat with Ray*

Edit at 4.18pm:

So true No. 2:

"Learn to love the person who is willing to love you at present. Forget the person and the past and thank him/her for hurting you which led you to love the person you have now."

A beautiful quote from the awesomely crazy Bryanboy's web.

Aiyaaah. I'll tell you something.

I have a bf.
Bf is good.
Bf is caring.
Bf is a chicken but often he's a chicken cuz he doesn't want bad things to happen to me.
Bf often has no money to pay so I pay.
Bf is no good at being a romantic gentleman prince as I wanna cuz watch too much K-dramas.
Bf cannot cook as I wanna cuz my life depends on food.
Then me.
Me is bad.
Me is picky, independant, sarcastic, ignorant & egoistic.
Me is daring & yet a chicken, that depends.
Me hates to talk abt certain things and gets angry at bf for mentioning it although he wants no more than finding a solution for the certain thing with me.
Bf has a great ability for making me angry with just 1 simple sentence.
Bf wonders what's wrong with me.
Suddenly I behave like a total bitch.
No good! In Malaysia I was sweet, good, tolerant, polite & nice although I was sarcastic as usually.
But now I treat good bf like a piece of shit.
I tell him things I wouldn't expect myself to even think about.
Bf is then angry & hurt and me the same.
Me often thinks about a breather, about a break-up & ask myself - "What's the point of this rship?"
Me thinks more & remembers all the nice times together.
Me thinks even more & reminds myself on how empty and sad my life would be without bf.
Me thinks EVEN more & finds out:

"No matter how much he makes me angry, I still love him."

Me thinks then even more & knows that me MUST change.
Me must not lose bf cuz bf is good.
Both me & bf must grow up & stop behaving like immature maggots but we can do so also together.

I've spoken, Oh great Manitou.

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