Thursday, March 23, 2006

The maybe-complete list of the things/duckies I can't live without cuz my feathers would fade away from sadness

A very pointless & long entry. The order of the things/duckies is RANDOM. :P

* Sayang hubooby
* Towelman baibee
* Sayang Ray
* Li Hong jiejie
* Kuci & Plutva
* My turquoise Pom the keychain & his brother Pom the Wavy-haired
* Jong Moon oppa
* Bae Yong Joon's HEAVENLY SMILE
* Sachi, my eternal inspiration XD
* Sentimental Korean dramas
* Tea
* Japanese food
* Korean food
* Chinese food
* Bryndzove halusky
* Justine & her blog
* Bubble tea, Winter Melon tea, Wheat Grass drink & Honey Lemongrass drink
* Pui AKA Mrs. Kobkusol (mwaha!)
* Shopping
* Reading
* Chatting
* Writing pointless entries like this one
* Shire horses
* Connemara ponies

Can anyone please get me a Connemara pony approx. 148cm high? Pwwweeeaaassseee? ^_~

* Chocolate + Belgian choc seashells
* Spinach lasagna
* Korean, Thai, Chinese, Jap music which I don't understand
* R&B, hip hop, poprock
* Flowers
* Nice shoes
* Tropical countries
* Travelling
* The hubooby + baibee + me --> DUCKY CREW
* Ducky sis Nisah
* Xiaxue's ah lian blog
* Kenny Sia's blog
* My white gold bracelet & Roxy butterfly pendant
* Trying on crazy make-up at DM (like dark purple lipstick & etc.)
* Handsome & hot Asian guys
* Paki diallogues abt Yaoi with Plutva XD
* Painting & art
* Ray's scent
* Pleasures by Estee Lauder
* Envy Me by Gucci
* Cosmetics
* My cellphone
* Korean hip hop (Korean is DA BEST lingo for rap I think! :D)
* Prawns
* Pak Choi, Chinese spinach, Baby kailaan
* Salmon
* Haku

* Kawaii manga animals
* Sea breeze
* Craziness :D
* Laziness
* Freshly washed hair
* Poopy Pooter
* Receiving flowers
* Holidays
* Daydreaming abt my uni
* Anoying ppl *evil laughter*

Oh, I can't think of anything anymore. O_o :P
So duckies...What's YOUR love-list? ^.~

Listening to: Another K-pop CD mess from Jong Moon...and again I know the song but can't remember the interpret & the name. >_> Alzheimer's attacking. :P
Yay!: New violetish purple Bennetton cardigan! A great chat with hubooby. Only 1 day left until the weekend. ^^
Grr: Can't ride horse now. u_u No connemara pony/Shire horse for me (haha how stupid, I behave like 3 yrs old). Another Physics tmr. Awfully irritated skin & awful dirty hair. >_>

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