Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back to Kilju!

Being in PN since Friday to Sunday without any net connection & with loads of Maths, Physics & Chemistry tutoring made me realize how sweet it is to spend my weekends in BA. Heheh~
I missed this my new 'bday blog'!
I missed my MSN & you, my lovely duckies there. *sniff sniff*

However, it had certain advantages also. ^^
A daydreamer like me had enuff time for daydreaming about my future & planning it as well. So I've decided on a great thing - after 3 years at Cenfad Malaysia I'd like to transfer for the Bc. year to South Korea! :D
I'm sure that in Malaysia I can study Korean & in 3 yrs of studies I can learn a lot.

(My duckyboy will be protesting against my ideas, fearing that seeing all the hot Koreans I'll lose my mind & marry someone there or what. :P Hahaha! FEAR NOT!!! I'll drool but not cheat! XD)

You know, I have one idea/wish which I can't make true now however much I wanna...cuz of the politics!!! >_>

I wish I could travel to North Korea one day (after the much-wished unification of DPRK & Rep. of Korea) and search for my relatives. ^^

I know that my grandfather's family is somewhere there...I don't think that my grandpa himself is still alive (try to survive 73yrs in a communist regime) but I'm sure that some my grand-uncles, grand-aunties, nephews, nieces & my bigger family is still there somewhere, not knowing anything about me.
In North Korea it's necessary to know Korean.
Those people there won't speak English, I doubt it....maybe Chinese & maximally Russian or Japanese but not English cuz English is the language of the "imperialistic West".

My grandfather Cho Da-Muk was born on August 25th, 1933 in Kilju by the East Sea's seashore.

Not too far away from Paekdusan, Korea's national mountain to which the South Koreans naturally don't have any access.

I can only guess how my life would be were my grandfather alive or at least here in Slovakia.
It's a strange tale of his & a long one but in few words - he came here to Slovakia (for studies perhaps?), met my grandma who studied Korean Studies & Sinology, they fell in love & got married, my father was born and grandpa took him to North Korea where they spent 3 years then grandpa came back to SVK but for something he had to go back to Korea. And from there he never returned to Slovakia.

My grandma was searching for him with the International Red Cross & for a certain time there were some informations about him but more. O_o
And no one knew what's with him anymore.

All I have from him is his library card, some Jesus-paper-stuff & his little Bible (or whatever it is - that book with gospel, prayers & things like these). Well, it's not exactly from him - it's just something what belonged to him and I got it from whoever.

OOohhhh but yes yes, I have one thing from him. ^^ It's a....beautiful, PLATINUM RING WITH A DIAMOND. ^___^
I guess it was the engagement ring he gave to my grandmother or what - I can't be sure though. My father told me that my grandfather gave it to him & told him to give it to father's daughter (me).
Sounds like a tale from the LOTR books to me or something. :P

I wonder that if he were with me in SVK....

Would I speak fluent Korean now? Would we be making kimchi together & playing Name-City-Animal-Thing (a word game) in Korean?
And would I be even crazier for Korean dramas & music than now? Hahah...
And what kind of grandpa would he be?
Would he be happy for me doing Taekwon-Do? Would he persuade me not to stop it as I did?
Would I have some pretty Hanbok from North Korea also? <----- VAIN! >_> XD
Would he tutor me Chemistry (he was a Chemist; a scientist) & make me love it?
Would he like my Korean friends Ji Sun & Jong Moon oppa?
What would he say on my duckyboy? Would he like him & accept him or not?

So many questions.......with NO ANSWERS. *sigh sigh* =_=

But if I learn Korean.....*not only I can watch sentimental K-Dramas without subtitles* but also I can talk to my relatives one day when I come to Kilju! ^___^
And understand sappy, beautiful Korean ballads' lyrics where the piano plays!

HAAA!!!!! :P
So many advantages. Can't let my Korean 1/4 laze around, better study Korean lingo in Malaysia later. :P

Good ideas I have, very good. *patts feathers happily* ^^v

Oh well, it's 11.40pm already so I should go. Tommorrow I'm going to school for the 1st time after 2 weeks (OMP!!!!!) so it's gonna be harsh. @_@ Wish me luck...
Off I go to shower my ass! ^^

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Anonymous said...

Hey baibee.
It was really interesting to read about this Korea thing and your grandpa. I have always wondered how did your grandma met a North Korean man, but hasn´t dared to ask it. But now I know and it was interesting to hear about these things that have happened to him. Althought quite sad.
I wish one day you could go to North Korea and meet your relatives there. Actually they do make some trips from Finland to North Korea (a few travel agencies in the world got a permission to take some tourists there and one of them is some unknown Finnish one, whose name I can´t remember), but I doubt that one can meet ordinary ppl during those trips.
But at least you know more about your grandpa, than I know about mine, even he is a Finn.