Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I love white hairs above hoofs, did you know?

Today, after maybe 3 yrs I bought a Czech magazine called Jezdectvi(Horseriding).

I used to ride a horse for 2yrs++ and although I was never really good, I loved it a lot.
For horses I would do everything, I didn't mind even waking up at 6.30am on weekends and being at the stable at 7am for the morning's obligatory 'service' which included cleaning the horses' boxes, sweeping the whole stable, feeding the horses & giving them water.

(Credits to Merry Cherry Appaloosa)
I learnt to trottle, gallop but I've never learnt how to jump. I jumped over a 50cm thing but never anything more. For all the time I didn't feel good & self-confident when galloping cuz I wasn't really good at it.
For once I was at a horseriding camp which was really beautiful & great and it was there where I learnt to ride the horses a bit better.

I still remember - and can hardly ever forget - how we've galloped in a brutal speed across one field...and another time when we were outside in the nature on a looooong outing and we've stopped on the top of a not too steep hill, sat down to the green grass with flowers & watched the sunset, all our gang together. WONDERFUL. ^___^

It was at this camp where I met two great girls with whom I'm no longer in contact (*sniff*)...we could spend hours & hours by talking abt horses, horseriding & the whole equestrian "business". ^^
For some time I was totally in love with the impressively huge Shire horsesand my only one dream was to own a black or a grey spotted shire horse with his lovely dark gentle eyes, white hair above the hoofs & shiny fur. Then I loved the Norwegian Fjord horses, Shagya Arabs, lipizzans & many others.~

By the way, this is him - the impressive, huge, gentle & patient SHIRE HORSE! ^__^
(I would give credits but I forgot the link. :S)

Oooohhh, how I envy that woman!
She's riding a SHIRE HORSE!!!
*howls in a deep emotional pain*

A beautiful, brown shire horse with white hairs above his huge strong hoofs, long dark mane, swishy shiny tail, wonderfully goatee-ish (Hah!) mouth, soft light pink nose and...those eyes....loving, dark, gentle eyes....

AAAAAAAAEEEEEEEHHHHHHH........ *_* *hearts in eyes*

Oh my's here again...still...I love shire horses!!! *__*

*blabs with an incoherent crazy-in-love look in her eyes*
I wish....I could gallop along a beach on the back of my shire horse somewhere on the green grasses of Ireland...ahh... I would call him (if it were a male) Nils and if it were a female, she'd be Mia. ^___^
Mmmm...I would put flowers in Nils'/Mia's mane and kiss his/her soft pink nose every single morning. ^__^ YAY!!!! *keeps on daydreaming*

Umm..I apologize. I got distracted. >_>
Where were I?
By my sucky horseriding skills & the beloved horse breeds I guess.
I wish I could ride a horse once again sometime...reading Jezdectvi made me miss the equesterian world a lot. u_u

I also miss Taekwon-Do.....and I also miss my ceramics course.

WTF. I stop something & then I regret it? NOT OKAY.

(I've just re-read this part & noticed that I always tend to finish my blabs all of a sudden with few sentences so it looks as if I suddenly stopped writing in the middle & refused to continue. WTF. I suck! >_<)

My point is...I always seem to quit something I enjoy & pick up something I don't. >_> AEEHH! Why on Earth I wasted 3200Skk on that Spanish conversation classes which I was attending rather rarely?! *rolls eyes*

I quit horseriding although it was nice & relaxing and I quit Taekwon-Do although it was a good exercise & I was nearer to all the K-stuffs.

Heck, even our former TKD saseong Pak Chol Min gave me a beautiful dobok! GAVE me! Not SOLD me! O_O He GAVE it to me cuz I am a quarter Korean & my grandpa is from the same city as him!!!
I was telling myself that I shall continue TKD until I reach the 1st Dan & always use my precious dobok no matter how terrible it'll look cuz it's an honor that a lousy beginner like me got such a thing from 7th Dan seseong but....IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

I suck. =_=

But alright!
Enuff blabs! ^^

Listening to: The CD with K-music from Jong Moon oppa. A typically sentimental Korean ballad with piano is playing now & I love it endlessly. ^____^ :P
Yay!: Jezdectvi, spinach lasagna, hangout with Kuci, SUN SHINING & BEING WARM! :D
Grr: 3-/3- from da History test, being sleepy at Spanish class, no talking to duckyboy for the recent 2 days, stupid sclerotic broke Pom still not sending me Armchair's CD *takes out a sharp katana*, sucky irritated skin


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