Sunday, March 26, 2006


We've been to sauna today... Twice I went to the Finnish dry one & once to the wet, steamy one. And cuz I'm a stupid ass, I hadn't gone to the freezing pool even once. >_> Bad Mich!!!! *slap slap*

I've found out that I like the steamy sauna more cuz when I sweat there, I can't feel the sweat dripping on me! Everything is dripping there, the warm water, your sweat, the steam is everywhere.... A Taman Negara time, haha! :D

Ohhh.... O_O

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOODNNNEEEEESSSS, at KBS Radio they're playing the soundtrack for the WINTER SONATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M DYIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! So freakishly beautiful, I'm dying of my sentimental feelings!!! *wipes tears & listens to the heavenly voice & the piano*

Just SOMEONE send me the mp3. My soul, my life, my heart, my everything depends on that song. It's so beautiful................................aaahhh............. ^____^

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm truly a 1/4 Korean. Haha! :P
Heeeya grandpa Cho, ya proud of your crazy granddaughter? XD

Ah, erm, where were I? O_o
I apologize for hyperventilating like must understand that this winter I had my little Winter Sonata too.... Ray was here... I was always in touch with Pom cuz he had probs with gf... Then Ray complained that I'm too much online talking to ppl...
And in all the time... I was watching Winter Sonata here & wiping tears at Joon-Sang & Yujin. :P It was snowing outside when I was wiping tears or it was just plainly awful...and then..Ray had to leave & I was trying not to cry at the airport trying to be strong...
*sniff sniff sniff*


Yes, by sauna. <_< It's like Malaysia! Haha! :D Only rather hotter & more humid Malaysia. :P But still, it's hot & humid and hot & humid is GOOD.

And the rship thing... I love Ray...yes I do...and I ALWAYS notice it in all its depth only after we argue & I tell him nasty stuffs. <_<>_>

Fine, duckies. I must go to bed now...with the sound of the Winter Sonata heart! ^___^
*Oh darling Joon-Sang, just hug me like this and I'll gladly end my life in the very second... ^_^*
(But change your hairstyle please! That color! OMP!)

(Yes Ray, you also!)


Listening to: "From The Beginning", the beautiful Winter Sonata OST. I'm listening to it for the 7th time already. :P This, duckies is LOVE! I fuckin love it... *melts into a puddle of glittery snowy white feathers* ^_______________^
Yay!: Yay goes 2 sauna, "From The Beginning", Ray & me, Jolene's entry, the book I'm reading, Haku, Pong sending me beautiful pics of Thailand (I'll forward it to you!^^) & to myself eating instant kimchi mee yesterday & not finding it spicy AT ALL. The next step - tomyum! O_O EEKK! *dies*
Grrr: School tmr & me not preparing for it AT ALL. I suck. >_<>____<

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