Thursday, March 30, 2006


[Mwaha, you see, I've got Hangul in my PC already - so kool! :D And 서렁 means love. I hope I wrote it good cuz I suck at Korean, everything what 종믄 오퍼 (Jong Moon oppa? Written well? O_o) taught me, I've managed to forget already. I suck duck. >_>]

I know that ideal love exists only in fairy tales, Asian dramas & maybe some movies. And even this love has to overcome lots of obstacles in order to climax in a beautiful happyend.

We, regular mortal people have it harder.

Anything can come up suddenly. For example a sudden & persistent bitchiness. Or for example the two of you will just start to feel like you can't take it anymore & you can't see any point in the relationship you have.

Maybe you'll get tired of all the conflicts, all the brainless arguing, all the hurt talking, annoyed sarcastic replies, nasty words and ridiculous accusations. Then, for the peace of you two you'll decide to break up. It may be a good (although a sad and disappointing one) decision cuz what's the reason for suffering in a relationship which apparently isn't working??

But maybe you'll decide to work things out. It'll be a tougher way than a simple bitter 'farewell' & no one can guarantee that you actually can work it out. If you try, you hopefully can. If you don't try...well, no guarantees. I think that this work-things-out-option most importantly requires two things: PATIENCE & lots of TIME SPENT TOGETHER.

Let's imagine for now that I'm right - then what should the couples in long-distance relationships do? O_o

They can have heaps of patience but they don't qualify to the 2nd thing unless you count in the hours spent online everyday.
And that online time is not good as - let's not forget we talk about relationships in a crisis - as it's usually spent by useless arguing. (Try to argue's nothing kool, I assure you. >_>)

Both options are reasonable, understandable, bitter, hard & good.
I wonder which one could prove better.
Let's wait another month and see.

Listening to: "Perhaps Love" by HowL. Soooo beautiful....I love it. ^__^ Where can I download it? Anyone knows??
Yay!: Yay goes 2 me & UE in bed blanket toga today. ^^ Pics today in some other entry! Weekend must get a big YAY too!!!! :D *dances salsa*
Grrr: Waking up at 6am. School. SCHOOL. SCHOOL. SCHOOL. >_<


Anonymous said...

Mich! :D Ahahaha... Why didn't you tell me you liked that song? I have it. I uploaded it on Rapidshare, just tell me if you want it uploaded on YSI or something. ^^;;

And it's part of the OST of "Goong". I heard it's a good drama, even though I haven't watched it yet either... ^^;; I'm going to watch it after I finish watching "My Girl". ^^

Anonymous said...

Btw, that comment was me. XD I forgot to put my name. -.-;;

- Justine ^^

Princess Mich said...

OMG! Justine!!!! Thanks a lot! *_* *huge hugs* ^____^ Thaaaanks!!!!!!