Monday, March 20, 2006

Who says that blue dogs can't fly?

I think that both Dimsumlife and this blog are so terribly BORING. *yawns* How can you even read it?! How can I even write it?!?
Totally useless. >_>
Useless, yes yes, but still I need some place for my endless blabbings.


Boring blog, boring day, boring duck (person). =_= *yawns again*

The only one non-boring experience of today was at the Art Course where we were painting with charcoals on a colorful paper (I had a brown one) & once again my endless imagination & creativity caused a misunderstanding. :P

My friends were all painting the motive on the photo they chose but my art prof told me that she appreciates people using their own fantasy & that as mine is a big one, I should paint something what comes to my mind.

Well, at first I started to paint a muddy tropical river in a jungle with a grey bridge over it.
I didn't like it though - a jungle & a river theme requires so many details and I'm not the patient one who can spend hours with painting a 3cm shadow under the pisang leaf or something....

....So I've turned the paper and started anew.
An incredible idea came to my mind - paint BLUE FLYING DOGS! - and as I didn't find anything unusual at this topic, I started to paint.

I've painted a high cliff with patches of a green grass & lil' pink flowers.....I've painted a green grass under the cliff with two tall trees....I've painted hills & little slim cloudies at the hills....and of course, I've painted the FOUR BLUE FLYING DOGS flying off the cliff.
Then I've added a dark brown, terracota & white to the background which was naturally brown and ta-daaaa! Finished! ^^

I came to my prof:

Me: "Prof, it's done but it looks rather weed-ish, as if I smoked marijuana."
Prof: "Well, why...? It's... *examines it closer* ...well, it does look like that!"
Me: "I know, I know....but this year all my works look like that. But I don't smoke weed!"
Someone else butting in: "But it's good, hey, I wouldn't paint such."
Prof: "You need imagination & the skill."
Me: "I don't have the skill. @_@"
Prof: "Well, maybe you have the skill in something else, what do we know?!?!" *looks at my blue flying dogs once again & then stares at me closely*

Ohhhhh nooooo!!!! @_@
My art prof now actually thinks that I smoke weed only cuz I got carried away with my (usually ignored) stupid gila ideas and painted a total nonsense. =_= :P
I can't decide whether to cry or laugh. XD

Maybe I should choose "to laugh". Creativity is very important now, ain't it? ^^

Blue flying dogs...... *slaps head* XD

I'll have to paint a lot now in order to gain some skill (prof - in painting!) also. The portfolio-for-Cenfad time is approaching & soon I'll be filling in all the papers and trying hard to paint myself what's gonna be rather scary. And make the collage & paint 2 other things also.
WAHHH. @_@

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!!!: My bills are too high, over 2000Skk again & my father is getting angry (understandably) as he's paying it for me.
Thus, please accept that I MAY NOT REPLY TO YOUR SMS/CALL & I MAY NOT SMS/CALL YOU as I must not make my father pay so freakishly much. This applies especially to the overseas SMSes and CALLS of course.
So Ray, Teresa, Pui, ducky sis, Pom, hubooby, baibee, Jong Moon oppa & Tsung Long - SORRYYYY!!!

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