Saturday, March 25, 2006

The World's Wonders

* Wonder No. 1:

Like my ducky sis' boyfriend who always opens the door for her since their 1st date until now. OMFB!!! O_o *faints*
Such thing hasn't happened to me if I don't count my father who has good manners & opens the door for women also!
Well & my guy classmates do that, but they don't mind telling us "you stupid ass" after they open the door for us. XD Haha! They (usually) don't mean it though. :P

* Wonder No. 2:

One from L* 哥哥 in times when he had some feelings for me (that was a brutally beautiful e-mail, only I didn't love him back).
The other one from P* but shame (for him) that in time when I got it I was already not-loving-him-anymore. This was a real letter btw! Not an e-mail! WOW!

Who would think that a duck like me with dark eyebags, -7.5 dioptries, no boobs, huge ass, men's shoulders & deadly sarcasm would gather TWO love letters in 17 yrs of life? :P

* L & P...I used these letters instead of their real names. Still, a love letter is kinda personal.

* Wonder No. 3:

It's FINALLY already here! The fresh spring drizzle, no more (or only little) snow, birds chirping & the nature slowly waking up. YAY!!!! :D

* Wonder No. 4:

A good sleep makes wonders! I went to bed around 23.30pm yesterday & woke up at 11.15am. Life is beautiful. ^__^

* Wonder No. 5:

Really! :D
They're just reconstructing the Hurbanovo Square & the Main Square, the Mileticova & Obchodna streets... They wanna & will build a bar in the middle of Hviezdoslav's Square (but the inhabitants say that it's useless).
The only one thing which MUST be renovated but it's NOT gonna be, is the Bratislava castle. =_=
I've read that it would require 1 billion Skk which the city & state doesn't have. I find it pretty stupid as the castle is one of the Bratislava's symbols and currently it's in a bad really need an urgent renovation. :S

This is it, the Bratislava Castle. Impressive, isn't it?
I think that looks like those castles in fairy tales. ^^

* Wonder No. 6:

I've found a time to read my new 960 pages long book from Frank Schätzing, it's called The Revenge Of The Ocean, in the original German version it's called Der Schwarm though.
It's GREAT!!!!! ^__^
Recommend it muchos....if you like'll like this too. And if you like Dan Brown, you'll like this too cuz it's a bit similar to his books.
But then - who doesn't like Dan Brown? :P Maybe only fanatical Catholics somewhere in Vatican. Pfff, sial kau! >_<

* Wonder No. 7:

Thoughtful girl me is dying to caress a horse, smell his scent, talk with him & of course - ride. Since the day the girl bought Jezdectvi, her old love for equus caballus came back.
(Credits to
Oh, HOW MUCH I wanna do this....gallop along the beach..
Feel the wind in my poopy brown hair...smell like my horse (I think that horses have a beautiful scent) to him, take care of him, clean his box, clean his fur, shower him in the sunny summery day, make sure he has enough food & water, polish the saddle...

OK, OK, the same blab again for the xth time already. >_> I'm sorry for being annoying.

The point is, the thoughtful girl me knows that she should wait a bit. For the spring to come, for the money to grow on the trees, for the block of flats' complex building nearby one horseriding centre being finished.
Such patience isn't usual by me for I'm a spoilt asshole who wants to have the certain thing now. WOOW!!! I'm changing!!! *applause*

Good Mich, good girl.
Dun cha worry mah baybeh, you'll ride a horse in your life for many times, you're just 17! ^^

* Wonder No. 8:

The weekend is one big wonder if you wanna know. You FINALLY have time for many lazy activities such as~

* reading a 960 pages long book
* listening to a great relaxing Thai music
* reading yaoi fics (UE sent me a Poopy Pooter + Snape fic and IT WAS SHORT BUT PAKI. The 1st yaoi fic I've ever read. I don't read such... Duh~~ @_@ I can't decide whether I like it or no. >_> More I don't.. But sometimes it's fun.)
* Chatting to Ilkka, hubooby, Ray, Pui, Pong, ducky sis & UE
* Replying to Pom's email
* Wailing in pain at the pics of the stunning Patapom beach (?) at Krabee island in Thailand which Pong sent me. Please, suffer here. ^^
* No need to think about school. Ha! FUCK YOU, SCHOOL!!!!!
* Being able to go 'cook' instant Korean kimchi noodles at 11.11pm. Normally I'm staring mindlessly into some Physics or Chemistry or Biology at this time and counting down the days for the weekend the come.

You see, weekend is one big wonder. It keeps us all alive! It allows us to be lazy & relaxed! And laziness & relax IS HEALTHY! ^__^

That is something you must remember. End of discussion, the Garfield's mind has spoken.

Listening to: "วันที่ฉันป่วย" by Armchair, my favourite song. ^^ No idea what is it about but it's so relaxing and beautiful....wanna listen to it? Please, come HERE & if you can't speak Thai like me, then it's the 7th song from up. Love it, love it, love it. ^_^
Must get the mp3 but dunno where to find it..duh~~
Yay!: The weekend, the book, many friends online, feeling good, spring coming...just weekend's fine time. ^^
Grrr: What can be grr? :D Nothing today! Maybe only that I'll have to go for a walk with Haku later and it's raining outside & it's late, almost midnight. I hope that no one will kill me outside or what. Not good! >_>


Anonymous said...

I haven't been commenting... ^^;; But I've been reading everyday. :D

OMG! Yaoi! Hahaha... Yaoi makes my world go 'round. *0*

Have you ever tried Tae7en yaoi? ;D

-Justine =P

Princess Mich said...

Hahaha!!! No, I haven't! But I dunno if I would survive such - Se7en is just MINE!!!! Hahahaha!!! :D

Anneesa said...

OMG OMG OMG! That is a beautiful castle!! I love castles!! I do I do I do!

LOL. Ducky, in my 23 years of living, I had never receive a real love letter. Consider yourself lucky. lol.

And yes, chivalry still exists if you look hard enough ;) hehe

Ilkka said...

Aaah.. Castles. I just love them. I just counted that there are unbelievebly even 3 castles in Finland. (such castles that can be called castles without laughing) That sucks!

And weekends! ^^