Sunday, October 29, 2006

Andy's 18th Bday Party


Just returned from Andy where I slept (totally unexpectedly), was forced to watch an erotic movie with the guys, slept of the sofa with UJ on one side & Michael on another and I probably behaved too much like "I really like you, UJ" cuz I was in a nice mood & as he was the only sober one except of me, so I felt like he's da best from that society.
But I liked it.
Darn, I hope I don't like him *that* way any single nanobit cuz SERIOUSLY, I DON'T want to like HIM. From all of the guys, please, just not HIM!!!! @_#

Everyone got drunk (except of me & UJ), Andy was hugging me every 3mins & telling me how much is he glad that I came and that he loves me & IV suggested I should jump on the table, get naked & dance.
OH MY GODNESS. *slaps head*

Also we went to the downtown around midnight, AL & Liinda were hugging Erik lovingly, Ali fell down on the stairs and then they went to Laverna Club, a hip hop club with fake, rich, hip hop people like Erik himself... Andrej went there too, then he returned with us home & on our way it REALLY started to rain so we all got wet like duck. Hahaha!!! Then we wanted to go to bed around 2am but we all felt terribly cold cuz we were soaked like never. @_@

Well, before we went to bed we watched the TV & after the Ring ended (we saw just the end of it) there was that already mentioned EROTIC MOVIE. Not PORN. Erotic movie, what means (according to my perv boy friends) that there wasn't *just* the shagging but also some dialogues and a plot. Oh god. @_@
I didn't want to watch that & I was kinda tired but there was no space for me on the I put my legs on Michael's legs and my head and hands on UJ's forearm and closed my eyes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE warm guys' forearms!!!! Hahaha!!! ^^;;;;

Okay, I'm totally bodoh, I know. =_=

Well, then we went to bed and I couldn't fall asleep cuz 2 (UNINVITED!!!) Andy's soccer teams' 'friends' banged drunk into the apartment at 3am and made a fucking noise.
I couldn't stand it so I got up, furiously sent them to the fucking hell, went back to bed where UJ was laughing at my anger like stupid. XD
At that moment I didn't know whether to kill him or laugh with him but I chose the latter. XD

This morning was calm & pretty...although it rained again so we waited until it stopped and just then went out. Before that though, me & UJ went out on a balcony which had like 3 square meters and there was lots of hung up socks & boxers (haha) and the guys LOCKED US OUT THERE!!!!! AAARRGGGHHH!!!!! *fumes & laughs*
Then they unlocked the door & said:
"Not like you two should mind it."


Do we look like we love each other or somethong?! *bangs head* Pfffff. No comment ah.

Partyduck me, ar? :P
The busy weekend doesn't end by this though. At 5.45pm I'm meeting up with my friends in front of Aupark and we're off to Au Café for a nice cake & tea before the ROCKY HORROR SHOW in Arena theatre!!! :D

Listening to: "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee
Yay!: This autumn is so unbelievaboobly beautiful.... And I LOVE my friends. ^_^
Grrr: This autumn is so unbelievaboobky beautiful.... And I HAVE NO CAM. AAARGH!!!!

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