Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Identity Probooblems

I have a strong urge to stop eating the bread 4x a day, forget the cheese, kick away all the potatoes and trade them for some sushi, dim sum & bulgogi. WTD.
It's not the matter of food though; I also have a strong urge to go buy tones of pencils with kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii manga animals, weep by sentimental Korean dramas, go take some AWFULLY CHEESILY DISGUSTING neoprint photos (I think that those neoprint photos can turn DISGUSTING once the person has no taste; please, for Duck's sake, forget all those glittery butterflies around one's head, the pinkish pink everypink and all those sparkling flowery frames!!!!! *eyes full of horror* Its driving me MAD!!!!! @_#) and go get my straight, boring, short Korean eyelashes extended a la Xiaxue.

Ah lian?

Yes, and with IDENTITY PROBOOBLEMS somemore!!!! *slaps head*

Must be that 1/4 Korean in me salivating for all the things mentioned above.

Oh, I've forgotten The Boyfriend!!! HOW DO I DARE?! @_@ XD
My 1/4 is salivating for a tall Asian architect/designer with broad shoulders, beautiful scent (guys, Jil Sander Pure For Men is THE BEST PERFUME FOR MEN EVER!!!!!), messy hair, IQ & EQ, sense of humour and.....
Oh, okay, I'll shut up, no one's up to my fantasies anyways. :P ._.

Since I was in the REAL Asia (SEA 2005) I keep having the incurable urges to fly away to Asia and live there cuz my 1/4 is squealing that "it has felt sooo hoooome there" and "it misses the whatever mee for breakfast" and "it wants the Asian cosmetics - *aaaah, Shu Uemura* - back" and "WHY THERE IS NO PAK CHOI HERE???!!!!" and so on.

Annoying 1/4, I tell ya. @_@

However, my Slovak 3/4 kinda agrees with my 1/4. My Slovak-ness (if I can create a new, absurd word) loves Bratislava, loves Slovakia, loves Slovak language (seriously, it's one of the most beautiful languages ever; I love its melody and the vocab full of lovely words! ^^) but still feels like SOMETHING'S MISSING HERE.

WTP. Must be that Asian flavour or what....now, where's my Kikkoman?!
Hahahahaaaa, okay, that was lame. :P

But seriously, do you know that kind of feeling that something's missing in your life and you can't put your finger on it but you KNOW that something just ain't right?
I'm sure you do. And that's my probooblem! @_@
It makes me look very hobbit-like (cuz if you remember, hobbits love to eat) but I feel this lack of that *Asian flavour* when I'm about to breakfast.
No quacking!
Imagine the average European, ang moh's life which hunky Asians admire so much.

In the morning: BREAD + BUTTER + WHATEVER or YOGHURT or err...FRIED EGGS?
Morning's snack: BREAD + BUTTER + WHATEVER or TWIX (and its friends) or an APPLE
Lunch: MEAT + POTATOES or PASTA or PIZZA or McD or STEAK or....???
Afternoon's snack: Usually the same as the MORNING's one =_=
Dinner: The same as LUNCH

All so heavy. -_- WHERE ARE MY YUMMY ASIAN MEALS??!!! *cries* TT____TT I'll tell ya, I AM SICK OF BREAD. When I was in KL I didn't eat the bread for two months and didn't miss it at all.

Alright, alright.
I should MOVE ON, the KL times are over for duck's sake but those were the best times in my life so far, OK?! :P

Back to my identity probooblems.
You know what I loved at the shops in SEA?
Those stupidities with kawaiii little details they were selling over there.
Like those kawaiiiiiiiiiii shoelaces I bought somewhere at Orchard Rd with Manis! *_* Or those silly lil' cellphone bags (or WTD) I also bought in S'pore; I just couldn't resist it. Or I loved those heeled sandals with sweet & chic details and the sexy heel of a normal height. You won't get such a thing HERE. Here everyone wears awful, boring black/brown/beige leather shoes which are hideous. =_=
Anyways la.
My point is, HERE you won't get SUCH THINGS. And I miss it!!!!! T_T

Just as I miss the food, I also miss the kawaii stupidities with stupid details & stupid lil' patterns. Aaaah. I also miss the cosmetics (with wonderful packaging designs btw) and the people.

My 1/4 is feeling very very confused and sad these days because it has talked to my 3/4 and now The Whole Me realizes that it belongs neither to Europe nor to Asia!

Really, what should I do? How to solve myself?!

Have you ever got such problems? O_o

P.S.: Heeey, Audrey! ^^ Thanks for reading my blog! ^^ I think it's kind of a crap, but thanks for thinking otherwise! :D

P.P.S.: I bought a hydro cream shimmery eyeshadow by Shiseido to mi madre! It cost me 920Sk, but waahh, it rocks ducks. :) I hope she's gonna like such a Xmas gift :)


Anonymous said...

I have a similar problem. I don't know where I belong. Born in Zimbabwe (apparently now I have no right to call my self Zimbabwean because I am WHITE... I dunno ask MUGABE) Moved to Zambia, now I live in South Africa. I have Mostly British heritage yet I have never lived there (so it is completely foreign) and I am 1/4 Hungarian (and actually, if you go back far enough, Polish)
Mich, sounds like what you are missing is TKD :P XD!

Michie said...

Haha, might me!!!! :P
Poor us, not knowing who we are. Do you think we'll know it one day? O_o And what's gonna lead to us knowing that? O_o

Waaah. Qs Qs.

Michie said...

Might BE I meant, WTD. :P