Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Time & The Breath Of Past

Thanks a lot, all of you, who've sent me Christmas SMSes & the gifts. :)

I got a CAM!!!! YEAH!!!! A CAM!!!!! ^__^ It's not *the one* I've wished for (a more profi one with manual control of as many things as possible), in fact, it's the very opposite of that, but it's a CAM!!!! *___*
Olympus FE-200, 6 MPX, 5x optical zoom, yadda yadda! ^__^
Daddy, thanks a lot! ^^

Also I got two books, one about the process of making layouts called "Design Secrets: Layout" by Rodney J. Moore and the other one about contemporary art. Oh, and a dead sea mask & dead sea salt for bath and inhalation.
Not many gifts but nice ones! ^_^

Madre loved both the Shiseido cream eyeshadow & the stylish bag....and father liked those freaky polar bear boxers. Wah. I'm happy. :)

2am liao? OMP.

I got two e-mails from my ex-boyfriend's father in the name of the whole family!!!!
They are wishing us all merry Christmas & a Happy New nice of them to remember us. :) Ray's mom misses me...well, so do I, she's da best....and I miss them all, actually...even Raymond - in a certain weird way. :P
I also got an SMS from Teresa (ex's sister) wishing me the same....thanks a lot, babe.. :)

A breath of past indeed. At least for me... Long gone are the days when I'd sit religiously in front of the PC talking to I'm maybe even a different person liao. Dunno. O_o

I was thinking about myself & I've realized that I'm way too cynical & tired of life for my age. Sigh. I must take up a different attitude towards life, unless I wanna feel like 70 year old when celebrating my thirties! =_=


I'll reply to the email tomorrow (well, technically it is tomorrow already, but you know what I mean) because now I'm too sleepy for writing something coherent. :P

Christmasy feelings?
Still got none. =_=
I don't know what's with me this year. Everything is upside down & everything's weird!

Soon 2007 is here and that's gonna be hell of a tough & important year; if things don't work out, I'll be in a DEEP STINKY SHIT so please, whatever your religion or the lack of it, PRAY FOR ME!!!!! *___*

Mmmm, Let It Snow on the radio. ^^ Love that song! ^^

Hm. I think I should end this incoherent, pointless post. It's 2.19am I have a strong feeling of being lost in this world and I'm thinking about the upcoming year and its challenges.
Scary. And exciting.

Life's an adrenaline sport, isn't it?

You either know the rules and behave according to them & then you're relatively safe.....or you break them and you hurt yourself or die.

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