Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Close To A Cardiac Arrest & Xiaxue Issues


For the past two days I've been e-mailing with Raymond's Dad and behold....Raymond himself emailed to me today!!!! *dies of cardiac arrest*

If I weren't that lazy and if my PC wasn't this slow, I would've logged into my email & pasted his email to here. But under the given circumstances (ie my lazy self & my slow PC) I won't do so. Teheheeee. Tomorrow, maybe!

Still, pretty shocking. @_@
His email was pretty indifferent & I could see that the poor boy doesn't really know what to write to his evil ex-gf. Poor emotionally constipated boy, someone help him out! :)

I offered him friendship & peace cuz I wanna have this K-drama situation solved at last; I don't like issues that drag along like diarrhoea. :P

Today, me & hubooby were bitching over Xiaxue.
I bitch at her, yet I still read her blog? Makes no sense! Erm well, it does, because I admit that bitching at successful, beautiful people makes my evil twin with no self-confidence happier.

Ain't I pathetic?! =_=

But geez, I wish I had that good (but not that photoshopped good) looks too! I wish I had those Photoshop skills! That success! Those freebies! Wah!!!

Even me, a disliker of pink ah lians with fake hair must admit that she DOES look fabolous:

A bit too fake, I know, actually TOO FAKE according to me, but if she likes it, then what? Nothing! ^^ Let her do what she wants!

I see fabolous chicks like her when hostessing here or there; they always make me feel so ugly & embarrassing and I always end up mumbling under my breath The Mantra Of Those Situations:

"Beauty isn't everything. It's not everlasting. It's subjective. It's
superficial. It costs a lot. It's more important INSIDE than OUTSIDE."

But WTF!
Imagine yourself standing next to a hostess with legs 5x longer than your body, long shiny hair, radiant complexion, perfect manicure & long, curled eyelashes (compared to the short, straight Korean ones of mine) & an IQ too! WAH!!! That's like, TOO MUCH!!!!!! *bangs head*

Luckily (and sadly too), there haven't been any events to attend recently what's pretty sad, in terms of money & pretty good, in terms of my self-confidence. :P

A Q for the end:


Kindly reply, whatever your preference is. ^^


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