Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sleepy & Skipping

I'm just talking to Manis (I'm finally at MSN) and we're both single, tired of life and its school/job and wanting a change we can't allow to come cuz she has to suffer in her job for a certain time in order to have better position later, by finding another job; I, in the last grade, just can't quit the school and leave and forget university.

I have to remind myself often, that NO GRADUATION = NO UNIVERSITY.

Fuck, but I oh so wish I could just quit this suffering.....

Today I woke up an hour late cuz the night before I went to bed at 1am and fell asleep at 1.40am...my nose started to bleed and mother suggested my staying at home. And so I did, instead of coming to school late, again. I called the doc so she could give me that stupid stamp to the list of absence but she refused, saying that I have to have a reason for visiting the doc.
I'm so pleased. -_-


Like the right ah lian I did my manicure (the pedicure is awaiting me) and then examined my ugly irritated, damaged complexion (my nose is AWFUL), irritated & damaged it some more and then took up reading the Brunette's Diary at Lesk.sk, the portal for women.
I'm like a REAL ah lian liao, really, soon I'm gonna get hair extensions, gel nails & fake eyelashes....and then hallelujah! Haha!

*But actually I totally love those eyelash extensions which Xiaxue has*

OMH, this PC is so slow... I wanna throw it out!!!! @_@

The pedi now. And I'm gonna continue with reading Lesk.sk, it's stupidly soothing. Aaaaah. ^^
Shitty, shitty life!

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