Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's Supposed To Be Christmas Tomorrow

Christmas? What Christmas?
Sleighs rolling, snowflakes caressing my frozen cheeks? Elks? The awful commercial Santa Claus with his idiotic red cap? Carp & potatoe mayonnaise salad? Family reunions & the overwhelming peace & love?

Oh, go to hell with it.

My father will celebrate Christmas separately from us cuz he's pissed off at madre being pissed off at him for being fired. Oh, men are logical beings...erm, that was just sarcasm here.
So what family reunion? Tsk.
I'll go to father's tomorrow to pick up the gift from him & to give him mine.

I SMSed my brother today wishing him merry Christmas & a happy New Year and he had only bothered to reply me like 6 hours later.

There's no snow outside, it's just awfully cold & I hate it.
Oh, byt there are HEAPS of SAnta Claus everywhere & the carols are playing 24/7.........I must confess I HATE IT.


But know what??? :)

I've already gotten one Christmas gift! An unexpected one actually!!!! :D

I saw S yesterday in the downtown with a bunch of his friends. It was pretty weird actually, whole that happening cuz we (our gang) was walking around the whole downtown desperately seeking a bar with places to sit for 7 people; we've started from point A, walked for almost and hour and returned to the A and discussed the options.
We were standing there & then I got bored and went to check out the menu of the nearby posh restaurant (they have pak choi!!!! OMD!!!!! I WANNAAAA!!!) and, just the minute when I've returned, the former 4 graders with S among them were walking down the street...towards us, to the nearby pub we were standing by. O_o

The nostalgy..... *_*

Surprisingly, in my heart I felt nothing when looking at him...nothing....just a nostalgy and an awe because he's handsome and cute as ever.

It seems like I've moved on.

Isn't that kind of sad?
I liked the feeling of liking someone...I got used to it after those years..and now I feel nothing when looking at him. ._. So weird.
On the other hand (am I schizo?), if you'd ask me whom I'd pick up as a boyfriend if I could pick up anyone, it'd be S. Maybe it's cuz I'm just so used to myself liking him but really...I can't imagine anyone else than him at the moment. And yet, I feel nothing when looking at him, just that nostalgy & an awe.

Decode me, please. -_-

When their gang was coming to ours, we looked at each other - in the eyes actually, for a split of second - and that was it. Then someone called him, he picked up his cellphone and talked for a while in front of the pub (he has an adorable laughter) and then...he went in.

I walked away deep in thought and unable to concentrate for the rest of the evening....from time to time I was saying things like, "His lips are gorgeous, mmm.." but I think I was just trying to trick myself into thinking that I still like him, even though I don't...apparently.
Waaaah. @_@

Well, many weird things happened yesterday apart from seeing S and feeling nothing.
There was this hot foreigner at the Xmas market with whom I had this lil' innocent flirt and then...I left. Who knows, maybe if I hadn't left, I'd have had a boyfriend by now.

Not that I'd want *him*. As I said, the only guy I can imagine being my bf is S. WTP.

Then there was this *other* guy sooo much trying to flirt with me...but with no success. Weed-affected, drunk testosterone packages ain't my stuff. *yuck* @_#

Also we've almost went to Laaaverna club, one hip-hop club in BA....

And in the morning we had Xmas market in the school & we had a Tropique bar with fake, awful mojito virgin, fruit (canned fruit) salad, juices and whatever. Yaaay, so fun. :)

Oh, I'm sooo tired.
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, duckies! ^__^

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Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas! And I say break the rules of life!