Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is My Mess Connected With The Mess?

Don't understand the Q?

Lemme explain.

I've been thinking whether my mess in the room isn't connected with all the shitty things happening these days. You know, like when 风水 says that with one's mess coping around the negative qi copes too....and affects all the life areas, thus leading to one's personal mess in life.

Tiding up my room is INEVTITABLE now.

I'm gonna test out the teachings of 风水 and see whether clean surroundings with the qi flowing in & out naturally also leads to a happier life!

With what shall I start?

The desk I think.
Then the floor.
The the dustbin.
Then I'm gonna shower the plants.
And then I'm gonna clean my Inbox cuz my virtual life must be clean too!

And good luck to Munie having her finals too!!!


Anonymous said...

Go well my child. Let the good energy flow!

Ilkka said...

Dear baibee.
I think our lifes are quite similar. Or something.
*I´m also bored, tired and single.
*My dad was given a lower position at his work (but that was only a fault of that Ducking rector and in 6 weeks dad will start in a new work place), but anyway... his salary still is lower than before -> not so much money to use.
*I´ve had nosebleeds lately, too.
*My room looks as if a bunch of cavemen lived in there. I think it´s now messier than it has ever been before... and that´s a lot.

Weird. Dunno.

munie said...

hey babe! thanks! i love u!! :D:D

miss u alot!


ilkka said...

Nowadays my URL is duckman.blogdrive.com.
That´s because a friend of mine happened to find my blog! (and i don´t want that...) :S

Anyway, Merry Christmas!