Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Being Harry Potter II

Such a LOVELY day.

Got caught at Geo test with a cheatsheet - not just a regular cheatsheet buit with one with ANSWERS for the test we were just writing!!!!!!
The prof took my cheatsheet and in case she reads it, I'm in a fuckin deep shit.

My father got fired from his work cuz of ALCOHOL; I dunno WTF he had been doing the last Saturday, but after that he got fired with the words that he's fucking up the good name of the company he's working for.

Now he can't pay the Egypt vacation (Dec 28 ~ Jan 3), we have to take another person & grandma with invalid passport is going, but before she has to have her new EU passport issued.....complications, complications.....

The only good thing of today is, that UJ woke up & we have PEACE. Finally! In fact, just now we've had a nice, long chat about this shitty fucked up life. :)

Oh, and another good thing....I drew a good portrait at the art course, only it was a bit bigger, it wasn't exactly the 1:1 ratio; it had that "movement", what the impressionists were trying to catch, though.

It's almost 12.30am, off I go to wash my hair.....FUCK THIS LIFE.


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