Monday, December 11, 2006

The Winter's Self-Made Meme (Cuz There's Little To Write Today!)

FAV WINTER SONG: "Last Christmas" by Wham! I keep listening to it all day long, like 50 times a day and soon I'll be able to sing the lyrics even in coma. Hah!

FAV WINTER FOOD: "Loksha", a potato pancake, the best one is with fois gras & cabbage filling. Yummm. ^^

FAV WINTER DRINK: Black tea with honey. ^^

FAV WINTER ACTIVITY: Sleeping, I'm a bear in my heart. And I can't ski. Nor snowboard. Sigh.

FAV WINTER PIECE OF CLOTHING: I wish I had *that* Hilfiger coat! *That* would be my fav piece of clothing. *_* ^^'''

FAV WINTER COSMETICS: Super oily nurturing cream for super dry & sensitive skin.

FAV WINTER PLACE: Erm, can I say French Polynesia? XD Oh, okay....or...Bratislava! :) You have to see our Xmas markets to understand!

FAV COMPLAINT: "I hate winteeeeeeer!!!"

FAV THING AT WINTER: It comes spring after it. :P Seriously. :P

FAV WINTER-THEMED DRAMA: Winter Sonata!!!!!! *__*

FAV WINTER TIME: The Christmas Eve and the New Year's Eve, Oh well, I'm not a Christian, but I like it! :)


  • a good camera!!!!!
  • a coat? or nope?

FAV WINTER ANIMAL: Elk & reindeer!!!!!! :D

FSV THING TO DO *RIGHT NOW*: Finish "Last Christmas" and then go to bed. Lazy to continue with this stupid meme liao.....and it's 11.30pm liao!!! Must go sleep. :)


aud said...

hello! just wanted to tell u that i read your blog regularly hohoho. i like how u write everything so honestly, and how you go boy crazy at times hahaha. reminds me of myself at ur age. except i was alot uglier wtf. anyway good luck with UJ ya hahahaha i know u cant stand him. babai

Michie said...

Yeeey Audrey!!!! :D I read your blog too cuz I love the way you write!!! ^_^
UJ. Ohh, no no, UJ's not my stuff, that boy's the most spoiled kid EVER!
byezz! :)