Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday, Spa & Two Essays To Write

I apoopologize for my oh-fuck-this-fucking-life entry from Friday (or Saturday? Dunno~)...I'm feeling more relaxed now...well, who wouldn't, right, after the thermal water Mirror Pool (as it's called) and the following aromatherapeutic massage; right? :)
Oh, and baibee....thanks for your support. ^___^ AI LAAV JUU!!!! *HUGZZZ*

I aim to watch Titanic tonight at 8.05pm but sadly, I still have to edit my presentation for the Society Studies and I still have to write two essays for the TOEFL prep course. Sigh sigh. Well, maybe there are more things to do; it's only that I haven't checked out my notes yet!


And if I get to KL....then....I dunno. O_O *empty blissful stare*
I think I'm gonna bursts into tears or just simply faint and after I get my consciousness back, I'l probably stand up & French kiss EVERYONE, including that dickhead Ivor, including UJ who's gonna faint then, including S what's gonna kill me and including Haku what's gonna be veeery yucky.
Hahahaha!!!!! :D

Know what ar, I think I damn fucking much deserve KL.

After all these shitty (when it comes to school itself) grammar school years, I think I damn fucking much derserve getting into a good & prestigious uni overseas in a country I totally like! You also agree with me, don't you? :P
Me needs LIFE WITHOUT MATHS. FULL OF ART. FULL OF ASIAN FOOD. FULL OF HOT WEATHER. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~~~~~ *orgasmic sigh*

Oooh... on Friday I fell in love with FIVE guys at once!!! *_* :D XD

There's a street in BA leading to the Castle and there's this cozy, beautiful lounge bar where we (UJ, me & our two friends from 2B grade) went for the first time.

It was a nice, chilly evening and so we had ordered some tea (UJ had hot choc) and there we were sitting, chatting & sipping it slowly...

And then the first HOTTIE appeared.
Me & my 2B friend's eyes popped out and there we were staring at *him* breathlessly: Dark hair, tanned skin, dark eyes, dark blue V neck jumper, white polo t-shirt under it, jeans.....YUMMY.

We thought nothing can beat such a guy when TWO HOTTIES entered.

One, also dark-haired, tall, with broad shoulders in a stripey blue-white jumper in a long black coat...the other, dark blonde (or so) almost equally hot.


And THEN...!!!!!!!

Other TWO HOTTEST HOTTIES EVER entered and proceeded to the table of these two hotties. Friend reunion apparently.
These two were too much for my weak heart; I almost died on the spot seeing them. :P
One of them was tall, broad shoulders, perfect skin, black short hair, black framed glasses (possessing that architectural look; know what I mean?)

(This is what I mean - these are the "arch style glasses" which Sung Si Kyung is wearing *ooooh, sooo adorableeeeeee wheeeee*)
Aaaahhh. *_*
When I saw him, my heart jumped 50kms up & down and I totally died!!!! :D

The other hottest hottie was wearing an orange casual t-shirt & whatever...he had glasses.....and he SO REMINDED ME OF S. *_* Maybe it even was S, I can't know... *sigh* I wish I knew who he was, he was really adorable....and S-like. :) ^___^

Oh, have I been lamenting here that "I AM OVER S"??? Well, let me rephrase that... I'm NOT over S....or over the image of him. :P

Haha!!! Know what ah! UJ actually MINDS when I swoon over some guys!!!! *dies giggling* That boy either loves me or doesn't love me and thinks he owns me. WTD hahaha. :D


I'm reading this kool blog; Chansaire; Pet Shop Girl! Check it out! ^_^

This PC is so slow, I have no nerves for it anymore...byebye! ^^

I wonder whether to cry or laugh at my pathetic self. =_= :P


Anonymous said...

You do deserve KL! I'm sure you will get there too!
Isn't it odd that 4 majorly hot dudes all wen to the same table? Maybe it was a blind double date... hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Oh! and you won't get to KL if you kill yourself! So dont! PLEASE!!