Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Being Harry Potter


I was at the Headmistress' today cuz I dared to SMS my mom during the Literature class. Oh, may I suggest sending me to the jail next time I do something in the school, like, breathe?

It IS against the school rules, but fuck, no one was ever sent to the Headmistress for that before! Well, except for me. Such an honor.

My life reminds me of Harry Potter's life. He's also the kind of person who attracts problems even though he's doing nothing at all. Well, and sometimes because he's doing nothing at all!


This academic year has been a big, stinky piece of shit so far and I've only had problems.

Thank God Ivor has found his character and told the Maths prof the truth about that 'cheating' because now she (hopefully) no longer thinks I'm a cheater bitch.

Btw, even despite of my mad tuition 2 weekends ago, I got just 32% from the test, it was full of stupid errors and all in all, I AM STUPID & BRAINLESS.

I've passed the flunking border by 0,7% - I have 30,7% in total - which is really admirable, yes, I think I'm off to Cambridge, they might need a genius like me.. =_=


Who would be, right? Yes, nobody is too, I can see it at all these fucking problems, it's like, I almost expect being kicked out from the school next time I go to the cafeteria and buy a cake or something.

Where has my self-confidence gone??? I've never had a lot of it - there are no reasons for having it, let's be fair - but this year it has gone away to Tahiti for a holiday or what; otherways I can't explain these intense feelings of myself being a piece of crap.

I'm realizing that I'm truly NOBODY in this world. I have no special talent (a tiny one for painting maybe), no respect, no good looks, no money (this is relative though; but I'm for sure poor compared to Paris Hilton, haha) and what's the worse, no intelligence. FUCK!

{You must put up with my rants, this is the only place where I can rant all I wanna and no one's gonna kick my ass for that as it would be otherways. Here I can only lose some readers but because maybe 0,000056 duckies read my blog, I have nothing tio lose, literally! :P}

I'm also sick. Got sore throat and my eyes are itchy & sensitive.... I'm about to eat two Panadol Grips, hopefully it helps. -_-
It HAS to help...cuz tonight at 8pm I'm off to Sean Paul's concert!!!!!! :D :D :D

It's gonna be so fun.... And it's gonna be so SUMMER-Y!!!!!! *___* ^______^ I like Sean Paul's music, it's so rhytmic and totally hip. Ha! I'm going with Ali & DD and we're gonna dance the night awaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!! ^____^
I'm now listening to his "Trinity" album so I'll know the songs for sure, Hehe. :P

*the ah lian wakes up & glitters feathers*
What am I gonna wear?!
I'm going to Sean Paul so I should wear golden G-string bikini & 15cm golden stilettoes hahahahhahahahhaaaaaaaa, OMD, imagine *ME* wearing that!!!!! O_o @_#
*pukes & dies in horror*
I guess I'll stick to that polka dot minidress (or maxi-tank-top?), it looks stylish. Heheee. Then I'm gonna experiment with make-up and create sexaaaaiii smokey eyes...
OK, set! :)

Oh. I think I'm hungry. =_= Byebye sayangs, I'm going to investigate what's in the kitchen! :)

Listening to: "Give It Up To Me" by Sean Paul
Yay!: Looking forward to the concert! Yay! ^^
Grrr: My skin's awful, I'm constantly sleep-deprived, I have dark eyebags and I AM FUCKING BROKE.

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