Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Day In Vienna With UJ & His 'Harem' where I also belong. Hehehe, oh, such an honor, I think I'm gonna melt. XD

This entry's gonna be short, you must understand my exhaustion; yesterday after a lil party in the downtown with friends I came home shortly before the midnight, I couldn't fall asleep until 1.30am, I had to wake up at 7.15am, be at the railway station at 9.15am (I came 8.55am of course, I'm always too early), the train was departing at 9.40am and then..... We were walking, walking, shopping, shopping, walking, walking...between those mad thousands of people in the street buying Xmas gifts.....and I came home at 9.45pm.

Let me sum up the day as much as I can!

The highlights:

  • the DAMN PERFECT Friis & Company bag I bought to madre as an Xmas gift - it's so beautiful, if she won't like it, I think I'll change my identity and move away from Slovakia with a forever broken heart!!!! *__* ^^''''
    I loove that brand, they have perfect stuff. ^^

  • the Vero Moda RED V-NECK TOP with that V-nech being reaaaally low, the top being as long as minidress and with its all concept being as stylish as OMFD!!!! *shiny eyes* ^_^

  • the VIOLET SCARF by Promod I bought to my grandma - it's totally gonna fit her!!!

  • the VANILLA - FOREST FRUIT pancake I had at the Schönnbrun Xmas market ^_^

  • the ENDLESS HOURS OF LAUGHTER we've had - thanx!!! ^__^

  • the GUYS!!!!!! --------> *eyes start to shine*

    I saw one hot Asian guy at the -1 level of Peek & Cloppenburg, OMFGDBPGFHJF!!!!!! *____* He was PERFECT, I swear. *love in eyes* Tall with broad shoulders, messy shiny black hair, radiant skin (not like mine now, fuck it), sparkling, beautiful eyes, wonderful smile, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If God exists, then I don't like Him, cuz The Guy only glanced at me (while I was staring at him mesmerized, hahaha) and nothong happened. *sigh sigh* I swear I'd melt into a puddle of a glittery duckwater (don't ask :P) if he had told me anything, even "Oh, you need M from this purple colored pullover?" (he was the staff)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *__*
    If I had a boyfriend like him, I'd probably be floating in the alpha level all the time. XD

    Then there was one another who, I think, was an E. T. cuz it's just humanly impossible to be THAT HOT. Darker blonde hair covering half of his face (bishounen style), dark grey-blue eyes, tall, lanky, broad shouders, bright blue polo t-shirt, dark brown V-neck (yes, my golfistas!!! :D), beautiful hands. OMFG!!!! *_* *_* *_*

    Still, if I had to choose (fuck, I mean, if I COULD even think of choosing..!), I'd choose the Asian guy cuz he was the prototype of The Guy. *_*

  • the SPAGHETTI FRUTTI DI MARE at this weird, crappy restaurant where they think that fruit salad = canned fruit!!!! :D

  • the NEW FRIENDS I made from 2B ^^

The darklights:
(highlights - darklights, geddit?! Hahahaaa, I'm so creative!)

    *takes a deep breath before a huge rant*

    He must REALLY think my only purpose in this world is to be there for him just like his parents, his iPod, his cellphone & his chewing gums.
    FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!!!!!!!
    As if it wasn't enough that on Friday I, again, had apparently too much time and agreed on going to check out some Motocentre & Applecentre somewhere in the whatever street in BA. NO ONE else but me would agree on such a stupidity and he, with his "independance" would never go alone so WTF.
    One would think he'd be thankful but fuck, he wasn't. And apart from him being dependant, spoiled, empty & pseudo-snobby, he also ain't emphatic & he can't listen.

    The typical Friday's conversation of me & UJ:

    UJ: *eyes shining like those of my boy cousin when he was 6 years old*
    "And then I saw *this car*, and *that car* and *that car* and *that car* and OMG, today I see nothing interesting here, not like yesterday, aaah..!"
    Me: *reacts to his cars & then, after a pause with UJ being quiet says something else* "...I wonder how it's gonna be in that Egypt we're going to...I hope we'll visit the pyramides in Giza too!"
    UJ: *TOTALLY IGNORES WHAT I'VE JUST SAID* "...and *that car*, OMG!!!!!"

    I wouldn't mind that happening from time to time, but what that fucking happens all the time... I felt like I'm either gonna turn on the spot & leave or kick his dick.
    Respect? Like, what's that, dude?!

    And today. Today in Vienna, OMD.
    I've realized one thing. I'm too good for my own fucking good & too benevolent too, so this weak, spoiled, dependant ass likes to take advantage of me.

    Who is supposed (rarely is asked) to help him out by choosing his ugly long-sleeved, tight Hilfiger/G-Star/whatever t-shirts? Yeah, ME.
    Like, can I fucking go check out my own stuff?!
    Of course, I don't give a flying fuck & I go check out my own stuff, but WTF, what kinda attitude is that!?
    Actually he told me I pissed him off last time in Vienna, cuz I wasn't advising him by his buys!!!!
    Oh, THANX A LOT FOR YOUR FAITH IN MY TASTE but may I mention that your parents (who bought nothing for themselves) were giving you advices & choosing clothes for you for all the 3 hours or so?!
    I think 2 people are more than enough for this business, plus, the more intelligent & independant of us, like me, need no one to shopping but themselves
    . -_~

    Also, I'm his EGO BOOSTER.
    He just sooooooo loves to bring me down.
    I'm stupid. I'm ugly. I'm mad. I'm insane. I'm idiotic.
    Today I yelled at him at the Vienna underground that he's a dick cuz I just couldn't take it anymore...

    UJ: "Mich, hand me that pape from my bag, please."
    Me: "Which paper? This one?"
    UJ: "The paper."
    Me: "This paper?" *hands him the fahrkarte, i. e. the busticket*
    UJ: "That *that* paper!"
    Me: "Not this one? *puts the ticket back* You've got 2 papers here!"
    UJ: "That paper, OMG! The ticket!"
    Me: *loses nerves & yells* "I've been handing it to you 3 mins ago you dick!!!!!!!"
    UJ: "Oh, you stupid bitch!"


    And the best thing - which is actually totally amusing me - is that whenever I salivate at some guys, it irritates him. Hahahahaha!!!!! XD XD XD I think he is jealous, cuz his personal belonging (me) salivates at other guys than him (who'd salivate at him though, hm?). XD WTP!!!! XD XD XD

    Me: *hearts in eyes, stares at The Guy* OMG, I loooove him, he's eyes.....ooohhh...... I'm in love!!!! *_*"
    UJ: "Oh Jesus Christ, Mich, you're so stupid, shut up finally!!!!"

    One day when he'll grow up...he'll maybe be a good guy, but now..... CANNOT TAHAN. Girls, if you ever come to BA & meet him, please, have nothing to do with him, he's still psychically at a level of a 4 years old mommy's sweetheart. XD

    I haven't had this kinda AWFUL complexion for million years already. Shiiiit!!!! KNN! TT_____TT I think it's cuz of all that stress, lack of sleep (and again, it's 1.14am, FUCK, I MUST GO TO BED RIGHT NOW!!!!) & the winter.

    I WANNA BE IN KUALA LUMPUR OR IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T____T

1.14am! Sorry to end it so abruptly, but really, I'm ugly enough not to make it worse by sleeping little even during the weekends. @_@

Have I said I am ugly???

Oh, Mich, don't listen to UJ, please!!!!

I am CANTIK, CANTIK, CANTIK!!!! And with the help of make-up I look even better. ^_~
You. Must. Only. Agree. With. Me. Cuz. I. Have. No. Self-Confidence. These. Days!!!!!!

Good night!!!! ^__^


Anonymous said...

Yes you are "CANTIK"!!

What does it mean? :P

Just kdding.
I am guessing beatuiful?
Oh and remember you can speak like 3 languages and I can can only speak ONE cos I am a dull white guy AND you are an ARTISTIC ARTIST! Be proud my young padawan. Wait a second... you are OLDER than me too!!!!

Michie said...

Hehe, thx Seb! :)

CANTIK means "pretty/beautiful" in Malay (so yes, you're guessing right!)....but...what does "padawan" mean?! O_o :D


You're NOT a DULL WHITE GUY you crazy!!!! You're an artist too, that music you create, OMG!!!!! *__*

Anonymous said...

I guess you have never seen star wars? Padawan is a Jedi student.

Michie said...

Aaaaaah....okay. :P Yes, I've never seen that....and I should! :)