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(Plus An Entry About UJ's & Mine Infinite Madness)

I'm so sedih!!!!! Why you ducks are so bodoh & stay home instead of going out with me & let me try out father's mega big umbrella???!!!! TT_________TT

And I oh so wish to try it out & feel like an English gentleman....errr..woman.

SNIFF!!!!!! U_U

Not even UJ wants to go with me, he says he wants to laze arou
nd. T_T I'm heartbroken! *sob*

Speaking of UJ....yesterday we've had an interesthong time! ^__^ Yet another absurd day & I totally loved it, cuz it was so much fun! :D

I went to the downtown at 5pm cuz our usual gang went to our usual cocktail bar, Grandes Melones (sorry la, I wanted to link it, but their website ain't working & last time I tried to find it via Google, it found me LOTSA hardcore porn, but no yummy mojitos! XD) cuz UJ came from his cottage and wanted to celebrate the beauty of civilization.

We had 2 hours time before 7pm when we were supposed to meet up with Miso (who, later decided to go with other ppl) at Grandes.

So what we did?

Me & UJ had a mad idea of going to the castle
. So we did. In the rain!!!!!!!!!! XD And me & UJ had no umbrellas. Nice, veeerry nice. XD

After that we went back to the downtown, ate some crap at McDonald's (but yum, FishMac!), met up with other guys from our class, who were going to some ugly beerplace & I scared the hell outta Andrej when I jumped at him from behind. XD

And by the way, here are few pics from our recent CASTLE OUTING in July! ^^

UJ, me & Ali. Notice our funny sillhuettes. UJ is like a skinny T, I'm like....hmmm...fat X? and Ali is like I. :P

UJ & me. Yeah, we're two happy retards & I have a messy hair somemore. :D

The castle & UJ and Ali in front of it. The pic was taken at the terrace of the Slovak parliament. UJ's t-shirt is wet, I think it's cuz I splashed water at him....there's a fountain at the parliament. :P

Me & Ali. I look retarded, I know! XD

The castle & its main gate and Slovak flags.

Am I cantik or what? I like my long brown hair BUTT I want it to grow even more, that'd be really kool!

The castle again & you see, it needs some renovation. But it's pretty, isn't it? There's a musuem inside, lots of antique furniture, a cafeteria with pretty good pancakes and currently a Da Vinci's exhibition.

Hmmmm, where were I? O_o
Oh, yes, by jumping at Andrej and scaring him to death. :P

After we were happy & cocktail-ful (I'm so innovative in English XD) we went to meet up with the other gang who was at Námestie slobody (the Square of Freedom) or "Gottko" what's its nickname, because during the communism here, it was called Gottwald's Square.

The guys were drinking there (except of UJ) ....aaaahhhh anal assholes, minus points la....

Some people left, and then Andrej, Alan, me, UJ, Ivor and Marek went to Obchodná street where - SHIT - listen to what happened to us!!!!

We went to Slovak pub cuz we wanted a stupid, non-alco Kofola & a chocolate bar called Horalka. First the waitress sent us from one part of Slovak pub to another cuz she had to "clean up that place". And after that, we were told that THEY WON'T GIVE US KOFOLA, BECAUSE WE'RE UNDER 18 YRS AND THEY'RE SERVING UNDER-18-YRS-OLD-PPL ONLY UNTIL 7PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was speechless. What kind of anal rules are those?! AAARGGGHHH!!!!

After that the time of mine & UJ's madness came.
It was 11pm++ and we've decided to visit Slavín, a war memorial above Bratislava with hundreds of graveyards of the fallen Russian soldiers.
And so we did. XD It was chilly, the cold rain was drizzling, I was just in a short-sleeved t-shirt, my debit card blocked, my cellfone's battery dead & I've missed the last regular trolleybus home, so I had to rely on UJ's bus timetables in his mobile phone and at the night's buses. XD

It was so fun!!!! :D
Especially cuz we went there by feet. XD Hahaha!!! And on our way there (where Andrej accompanied us) I had to listen to those two crazy duckies competing that who has a higher rating by me & who has more plus points. XD UJ is winning by now, ehem, sorry A. XD

Bratislava in the night is really beautiful, so we stood at Slavín for few minutes, stared at the lights and then, when we were feeling too cold & too thirsty, went away.
UJ has plus points for being a gentleman yesterday, cuz he checked out the night's buses for me, then walked with me to the bus stop & waited those 10mins there with me despite his thirst! NICE! Yay! :D

I came home at 1am & my parents almost killed me. XD

Tmr I'm off to Alan's cottage somewhere nearby Banská Štiavnica and on Thursday or Friday I'll be taking a train or bus to Piešťany, so YET AGAIN I'll be out of reach, out of ICQ, out of MSN & out of Blogger.

QUACK ON!!!!! ^__^

Listening to: Slovak music TV called Musicbox
Yay!: I had a nice Chinese food today at Bamboo Garden & they gave me a beautiful wooden fan!!! ^__^
Grrr: Where's the summer? T_T It was like 17C today!!!!! TT__TT


munie said...

miss ya mich! seems like u're really having fun! take care okey! *BIGHUG*

Ilkka said...

So nice pics! ;DD
Take care baibee!