Thursday, August 03, 2006

K-Pop Quack

I'm just watching the Show Music Tank at Arirang, and seriously, the Korean music ain't very good....especially those dance tracks! @_@
Those dance tracks....that's not music of an artist...that's just some syntenzator's crap with no deeper message to the listeners who, let's be frank, must be under the ganja influence to love dancing to it!!!

Okay, don't kill me....
This all is just MY opinion and ME never liked dance music in the first place, ME is a fan of R&B, hip hop and a bit of poprock.
*That reminds me of downloading the Hoobastank's beautiful ballad "If I Were You" and of Coldplay's "Troubles".*

Btw, have you noticed that the typical K-ballads all have the same sound, the same melody and the same way of singing?
If you listen to, let's say, Buzz, Jo Sung-Mo or even female artists like Si Nae, it's all the same - sounds of piano, violin and the sad sentimental high-pitched voice of the singer.

Not that I don't love it though! ^^;;;;

A bit of thoughts for today... And off I go to civilize myself and take a walk with Haku.. And then I'm off to his vet cuz Haku is going to get vaccinated.

LESSON OF TODAY: Never eat bryndzove halusky as the first meal of a day.

Now I feel awful, fat and bloated. Someone gimme miso shiru and a bubble tea, please!!! @_@

Listening to: So 80s at VH1.
Yay!: I'm gonna check out some dresses today with Kuci, Seki and Bea.
Grrr: No. More. Bryndzove. Halusky!!!

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