Friday, August 04, 2006

Duckrribly Bored

Outside is an awful weather (HEY!!!! It's August now! Not October, geddit?!), no friends online, Kuci away in Senkvice, UE probably reading yaoi fics at home, Ali sleeping, UJ helping out his Dad at their cottage or eating something delicious somewhere and is listening to Robbie Williams' "Sexed Up", singing aloud those sad, bitter lyrics and applying another layer of nail polish on my fingernails.

This boredom will kill me soon. =_=

*sings aloud*

Why don't we break up
There's nothing left to say
I got my eyes shut
Praying they won't stray
Oh we're not sexed up
That's what makes the difference today
I hope you blow away

So sedih. ._.
It makes me glad that I'm SINGLE and FREE and INDEPENDANT on any guy.
On the other hand I like UJ's hypothetical interest in me. :P ^^;;;;

You guys have no darn idea how you're complicating our lifes!
And some of you are sucking money outta us too...hmmm....what does it remind me of, I wonder?! UGH!
ORANG KEDEKUT! *remembers many things & gets furious*
I don't like gender stereotyping (men earning money, women at home) BUT I do agree with the custom of guys paying dinners and etc., in case they invite the girl of course, or just cuz they love her or at least cuz they're gentlemen.
A rare breed now, I tell ya.
But our guys from the class are all opening doors for us or letting us go in front of them in the school's cafeteria. O_o Applause to them!!!!!! Our guys rock ducks!!!! ^_^

Whohooo, my nails are pretty long now.....finally I'm starting to look like a HUMAN.
We should ignore my face though, my skin is again hideously awful and I can't stand it. Yuck!!!!

Can't UJ come duckline????!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, I'm gonna die of boredom!!!!!! @____@ *bangs head on the wall and yawns*

Yesterday we kept quacking our materialistic, shallow stuffs and I went out with Haku at 1am. Aiyooooh. Pretty late, ain't it? :P

Thanks to UJ I have discovered my father's genes in myself. That means that I'm into pretty electronic gadgets, pretty cars, money-wasting and good food.

In the present I kinda wish I had:

  • black iPod nano, 2GB
  • Sony Cybershot T9 or Sony Cybershot W100
  • white LG Chocolate
  • onyx black or tungsten silver or slate blue Aston Martin V8 Vantage with a handsome Korean driver (I can't drive yet so I need some handsome compensation for this handicap!)
  • sushi
  • wheat grass drink OR bubble tea
  • Korean BBQ & kimchi OR
  • salmon steak & potatoes
  • that black Lacoste top

That Aston Martin!!! OMP!!!!
I'm just configurating my own V8. Such a typical girlie I am! :P

Please, someone save me, I'm more similar to UJ than I thought. =_=

Oh, this boredom.
I think I'm finally gonna wear contact lenses, wash my awful face and wash my teeth. *yawns* Please, some entertain me!!!!!!!!! *_*

Listening to: "Fly To The Sky" by FTTS
Yay!: I like my new V8 which I don't have. ^^
Grrr: My skin. OH, MY SKIN. I know I'm shallow, but I'm really devastated by the state of my skin. =_=

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