Monday, August 21, 2006

Tmr I'll Proboobably Die

Cuz I'm going to BIKE!!!!! *dies*
Hahaaaaa!!!! My humps will be thankful for such an activity, but I'm afraid that I'm going to die cuz:

  • I don't really like biking anyways!!!!!
  • I'm going to UJ's house at first, from there we're off to Slavin ("to take some pics"), from there downhill to the downtown, from there to Danube, from there under one bridge where we're going to meet with the rest of the gang and from there to another part of Danube where lots f duckies go inline skating & biking. OH DUCKNESS. @_@
  • I hate biking in the city with lots of cars around & all
  • I'm usually scared of biking downhill!!!! AAAAAHHH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • I've set up my alarm clock at 7.45am so GOODBYE, LONG SLEEP!
  • If UJ is a mad asshole and he's gonna laugh at me being stupid & afraid of biking, I'll be forever traumatized!!! TT___TT
  • I may have a tennis training in the evening!!! WTP!!! Biking & tennis in one day is UNHEALTHY!!! @_@ :P
Maybe I'll end up like this! The only difference is, this dude WANTED to make this spectacural trick & I will NOT want it, it'll JUST HAPPEN!!!!

Dear Almighty Duck, MAKE IT DUCKING RAIN!
In that case we'll just go to UJ's house and fry pancakes and have a quacky time.

What about the tmr's weather forecast for Bratislava? *angelic smile*

Monday, Aug 21
Bratislava, Slovakia Weather Not as warm with intervals of clouds and sunshine High: 26° C RealFeel: 25° C
Bratislava, Slovakia Weather Monday Night: Partly cloudy Low: 13° C RealFeel: 13° C

(Credits to


Oh, anyways.
At least I'll see the gang again & UJ's younger brother. :P


After today I officially HATE Windows. Shitdows!!!
ICQ 5.1 + Windows XP Home Edition = *throws the PC away from the window and looks at it falling down with a maniacally satisfied grin*
Dear Almighty Duck, GIMME AN iMac!!!!!

The beautiful design. *hearts in eyes*
The fact, that it's NOT AS SHITTY AS SHITDOWS.
The fact, that at there's written that those students who buy an iMac will get iPod for free.

Eeeeehhh. WTP.
I'll buy a shiny, lovely, new, snowy white MacBook when I'm in KL studying hard!!! Like REALLY!!! I will! *shining eyes*
Of course the MacBook Pro would be even better, but hey, I should be at least a tiny lil' bit modest. ^^;;;;


12.51am..... I think I should go to bed cuz otherways I won't wake up tmr. =_= YYAAAWWWNNN.
Oh no, oh no, oh no.
And poophaps the tennis later?
Oh no, oh no, oh no!!!! *screams in horror*

I've just remembered.....
Today when I went home from Dada's, I saw a really kool dude in a really kool Tommy Hilfiger jumper sitting in the bus.
WHY haven't I done anythong?! *bangs feathers on the desk*
He looked like he's a fine duck & I just let him sit & then go his own way somethongwhere. Aigoooo. ._. Next time I'm going for all outstanding dudes! *evil laughter*


Listening to: "Trouble" by Coldplay
Yay!: Know what la, my nails are like really cantik! ^___^ <--- Yeah, I'm an ah lian -_-
Grrr: Almost 1am! SHIT!!! O_O


Ilkka said...

Baibee, you had better use Linux instead of Windows.
Linux - developed by a Finnish man called Linus Torvalds (So it´s almost as if I had developed it [which would be a really bad thing...]). ^^

Princess Mich said...

Know what!!!!
When I got this PC, it had Linux installed in it & I was happy cuz of that.....

....until my father came & REINSTALLED it to Windows. @_@