Thursday, August 17, 2006


...mother, you alcoholic cheebye.

I was right saying that I'd probably need an Mulan therapy. Right after I'm back with Haku, I'm gonna watch it. AARGGGHHH.

Malas to type a lot. My wrist hurts after the 1st ever tennis training.


  • finished interieur drawing
  • nice lunch (Liberty Burrito) at the L. A. Restaurant in Polus
  • nice time with Kuci
  • the Shiseido mascara is good
  • Kuci bought a nice bday gift for Mom with my help
  • two guys in a sleek black Audi were staring at me apparently mesmerized - I wonder why I didn't smile back! *slaps head*
    Audi = got money = la dolce vita. Rich boyfriend = la dolce vita again! Aigooo. I'm such a materialist. -_-
  • nice tennis, nice trainer
  • my beautiful, pure, snowy white debit card is unblocked!


  • getting caught by the dude who controls the bus tickets. I travelled ONE bus stop from Trnavske myto to Racianske myto (2mins) & I got caught. FUCK!!!!!!!!! 1400Skk is gone!!!!!!!!
  • getting home after paying up the fucking 1400Skk and finding my cheebye mother drunk. FUCK. YOU. BITCH. I don't give a flying FUCK about you being my mother, STOP DRINKING YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • getting my period & having cramps right in Polus. Thank god for Panadol Extra, I don't like fainting on public places!
  • fucking bitch asking me whether I'm PREGNANT when I didn't get my period - which I did get, only she's too drunk to get it. CHEEBYE.
  • my wrist hurts!!!!
  • feeling very weak because of the period
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • mother
  • bitch
  • no money for an iPod nano 2GB
  • no money for Sony Cybershot DSC-w100/W50/W40 or the lovingly designed Sony T9
  • no money for nothing
  • I can't reinstall iTunes cuz the fucked up PC has not enough memory on its fucking disc

Off I go with Haku. I'm trying to calm myself down with listening to the Ying-Yang instrumental CD for meditating but it's NOT helping.

Studying in KL is gonna help me a lot... I'll be away from this fucking alcoholic bitch.

Listening to: That Ying-Yang CD
Yay! & Grrr: READ ABOVE.

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Anonymous said...

SAYANGKU WIFEEEE!!!!Dont be angry laaa.He will help find that shirt that wife posted on her blog in orchard road! :D

Watever it is...wife has hubooby and ilkkaman!!!!SAYA CINTA KAMU FORDUCKEVERRRR!!!!! *huuugzzzzz*