Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shoes Shopooping

Just between you & me, the usage of the word "POOP" or "POO" is rather primitive, ain't it? -_- Eh, but that "poo" is impooportant there.


I bought those white heels sandals by Esprit. LOVELY ONES I tell ya!!!! Even my father & Miso (my friend) were impressed and said that they're pretty and those are men! O_o

Here they are: see, they're pure, minimalist and beautiful - just the way I love it. I was feeling so cantik walking in them around the downtown.....until the moment of us coming to one square where I elegantly stepped into a DOG'S POO.

*dies laughing*

Like YEAH!!!! XD
And then I was sniffing around & saying aloud to my friends: "Hey! I smell shit here! Don't you smell it too?"

I'm really bodoh AND it's getting even worse. SAVE ME someone! @_@

I also bought those H.I.S. sneakers & I totally love them cuz they look sporty, yet not stupid, they're actually kinda classy. White, with green, blue and beige-yellowish stripes on the sides.


Oh yes, but who doesn't... ^^


I actually don't mind UJ (maybe?) liking me. I've came to an agreement with myself & I, that in case there'll be no one suitable for me, I'll go for him, cuz he has maybe 60%~70% of what I want in a man.
He can't cook though and that's a big minus! MUAHAHA!!!! *waves hand in a flegmatic gesture and goes away yawning*

OK la, let's see what I'll be saying when he returns!!!! That's gonna be FUN! :P


I don't give a flying duck about S.
I guess it's gonna change once I see him again, so I'd better focus on NOT seeing him..... I'm tired of my life revolving around him. =_= It's very exhausting, you know? I want myself to feel FREE!

Seeing S is bad.
Seeing S is bad.
Seeing S is bad.
Thou shalt not see him!!!!


I'm darn tired!!!! I'd better go sleep now cuz it's VERY late (1.45am) and I feel like a dried mango liao. *yawns*
GOOD NIGHT, duckies.

Listening to: "Confessions" by Usher
Yay!: Grandes Melones Vodka & Melon bar RULEZZZ!!!
Grrr: Why is my skin awful again? T_T

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