Friday, August 04, 2006

Back To My Mother Tongue?

Should I get a new Slovak blog or not? *scratches head*

Well, I'm almost convinced that I should, but the Slovak blogosphere is still in its womb, while the, let's say, Singaporean one is an adolescent liao....EEEHHH....what I'm meaning to say is, that I don't wanna get a new Slovak blog at like everyone, BUT there are not many Slovak blog websites...
On the other hand, having a blog at SME would maybe grant me a nice traffic. And maybe not, as for example currently I'm at Blogger and this blog is hardly read by 10 people/day and before when I was at BlogDrive, I was happy to get 20 readers/day.....YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, RIGHT?!

If I suck, then I suck, that's what I mean. Ehh. sucks too, you cannot edit the template the way you wanna and I doubt that one can have the TagBoard there or SiteMeter or whatever....

Hmm, hmmm.

I dunno, I really dunno.
I'll think about it somemore, maybe I'd get to some conclusion.


I'm going to save up on Sony DSC-T9 for 13 000Skk or on Sony DSC-W40 for 9 490Skk.
I already miss it. T_T XD

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: Hopefully Pityol will heal my awful skin a bit.
Grrr: I still have to go out with Haku...

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