Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm happy, happy, happy!!!!

There are two tennis courts at Jeseniova, nearby my former primary school & I got the telephone number and I'm going to learn to play tennis there! ^___^


The courts are outdoors only though, but hey, who the winter I can go play elsewhere. Yeah, and I'm assuming that I'm gonna like tennis. :P

And baibee, please forgive me for not replying to your SMS until now.....I basically don't use my cellphone during the weekends....I put it on silent mode & threw it somewhere and didn't hear your SMS coming. :S
I'll reply tommorrow.

Now off I go to bed....I have to go for a walk with Haku tommorrow's morning & instead of sleeping (it's 1.51am liao) I'm looking at Lacoste's beautiful sneakers for guys. Am I pathetic or what.... XD

Hm, I am pathetic cuz I'd really like to have a Lacoste towel. Like WTF!!!!! Who normal wants to have a Lacoste towel?! *slaps head*
I need a medicine, QUACKLY. -_-

Nights! ^^

Listening to: "My Prayer" by BoA
Yay!: UJ is coming to BA tmr. I'm really curious about his hypothetical 'interest' in me. I'm gonna analyze his behaviour, that's gonna be fun! :D
Grrr: My skin is still awful & so is the weather. >_<>

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