Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rich & Poor

I'm such an intelligent duckie. *sarcastic laughter*

Few days ago I accidentally blocked my brand new, pure white, beautiful Visa Electron debit card by mistaking the last digit in the PIN code for another one.
The card is blocked.

Now I have to unblock it....but the problem is, HOW to unblock it? O_o

The dude at TB told me to call Dialog (the 24/7 bank on fone) and tell them some password to my card which is found at the contract.
How beautifully easy..... Sadly, I can't find the contract.

There's another way for unblocking the card, by taking out my GRID card and telling them the password for that.
How beautifully easy..... Sadly, I can't remember the password and I can't find the GRID card.

What to do?!?! *bangs head*

This is the tax I'm paying for my materialism & wasting, I know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KNN!!!!!! TT____TT

4500Skk at my account.
4500Skk which I can't take out, not even 1Skk, no matter how much I want & need.

Shoot me! @_@

Listening to: "So Sick" by Ne-Yo
Yay!: Grandes Melones tmr! ^_^

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