Thursday, August 17, 2006

Updated Standard

I'm in a weirdly blue mood today. ._. And for the recent two days I feel like really nobody likes me, even though I know, that of course there are duckies who DO like me - and I'm deeply grateful for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! *huuuge hugggzzzz*

I've tried to lift up my mood today by buying a gilaliciously expoopensive brown Shiseido Advanced Volume Mascara for 840Skk (around 22 Euro) which I think that is going to be PERFECT but my mother almost killed me hearing that price.
A girl can waste!!!! ^^;;;; Especially when she's feeling blue!!!
Wasting is not a therapy though....I wanted to watch Mulan as a therapy, but it's already 2.11am and that's quite late, the movie has 88mins and I don't wanna look like a zombie tommorrow.

But that mascara!!!! ^_^
Its brush is in a triangular shape and I think that that's gonna be very good for my straight Korean eyelashes. A Japanese brand must be producing good mascaras for Korean eyelashes, no? :P

Enough ah lian quack.

I've updated my STANDARD ON MEN aka WHAT MY BOYFRIEND MUST HAVE. From a standard which guaranteed that I'd found no one I've changed it to somethong less demanding. :P

Now my hypothetical boyfriend must:

  • be intelligent
  • have a good sense of humour
  • smell good
  • have a good heart & be loyal
  • A BONUS: a taste in clothes/food & a liking to the art/music/architecture/design
  • SUPER BONUS: ability to cook

NOW!!! That's fucking all!!!!!!!!!! Just this!!!!
I AM SO MODEST!!!!!!!!!
I think that there are guys like that. Only I dunno where and which one of them would want me. :P

But actually............... I don't feel like I want a boyfriend. I mean, sometimes I wish I had one, but on the other I don't know. I think that I wouldn't have time for one and also I think that having one would kind of, put me into a cage again & I want a FREEDOM.
Oh yes, and I'm probably frigid, but I dislike kisses.
Hug me all you want but for God's sake don't want kisses from me. x_x

Am I frigid? O_o -_-'s already 2.23am and I think that sleeping wouldn't hurt me at all. I'm tired after everything & I think too much.

And our conversations with UJ have became strangely lifeless. I wonder why is that? O_o I guess that either I am empty in my head or he is or both of us & we aren't able to talk deeper things than "Oh, that Vantage V8 is so lovely!" and "Why don't you buy that Lacoste t-shirt?". =_~
Ah yay. Whatever.

I miss hubooby, Ilkka & Nisah.................I MUST COME ONLINE FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not tmr though, I plan to sleep until noon, then I'll go out with Haku, then I'll go to Polus City Center with Kuci and in the evening, at 8pm I have my 1st ever tennis training. ^___^ I'm looking forward!!!! Maybe I won't like it & in that case I'll try yoga or what. :P


And DON'T talk to me about ex-boyfriend nor mention him in front of me. My friends can't seem to understand that I don't like thinking about him or remembering anythong cuz I'm super extra sensitive and even now I'm capable of feeling guilty for sending him to the Hell AND they keep talking about him & asking me about this and that...... I tell ya, MY HEAD IS GOING TO ERUPT SOON. @_#

Understand it, please. ._.

Listening to: "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee. Yeah, REAGGETON ROCKS DUCKS!!!!! XD Mwahahaha!!!!
Yay!: I'm looking forward to sleeping. Sleep = no thinking!
Grrr: Why am I so blue? WTF!

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