Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Hypothetical Blog Entry From 2026

I've just returned from Le Monde (a restaurant in the very centre of BA) - all of us, our gang, have remembered to meet there after 20 years! Yes, we've decided on this lovely meeting in 2006...
Everyone came.

I was especially curious about Kuci's, Mato's, Dada's and Linda's lifes.
I remember the days, the ICQ chats, the nights when we dreamt about owning a shiny Aston Martin Vantage V8 (Mato), a maisonette in River Park with a mahogany floor and a huge terrace (me), a villa at Florida (Kuci), a yacht in Carribean (Dada) and 200 million Skk (Linda) so you see, I HAD to see whether our dreams have became true or not.

It's great because, even though we haven't accomplished all these things yet, we're all successful and we earn quite a lot so we don't have to think about buying this or that, our kids attend good schools and we can eat out in the downtown whenever we want to. :)))
Some of us live in long-term harmonious relationships, some of us are single and looking.... And I'm a SINGLE MOTHER.

Really!!! Haha! What I've darkly predicted back then when I was 17 has became true. I'm 37 and I'm a SINGLE MOTHER. The man who impregnated me is (thank God) long gone but to be honest, I couldn't care less about that - I've always said that almost all men are assholes. We were happy together, then I got pregnant and that asshole left me. Lovely. Is the history repeating? My father also did that to my mother when she was pregnant with me.

However assholish the father was, my son is LOVELY. He's my little sun! :) He's 8 years old now, his name is Oliver and he's attending the primary school at Koliba, my former one. You see, I could've let him attend the British International school too, but I'm pretty sentimental about my school....I had a great time there when I was in his age. :)
Oliver loves cars, food and - that's great! - he loves to draw as well!!!! I hope that he has inherited my talent so one day he can go study product design or architecture to NYC's Parsons and become the new design/architecture star. Oh, but that's in the far away future.....right now I have to deal with him trying to choose whether he should attend the 8-years long grammar school or the 4-years long one.
I seriously don't know, both has its pros & cons and I want the best for Oli....
Ah, Oli.
You remember how I've always loved guys in polo shirts? :P
Well, Oli wears them almost everyday. My lovely little boy! He's just 8 years old and he already opens the door for the girls in the school..............the perfect darling, isn't he? :)

What about my job?
I LOVE my job.
I LOVE it, it's so creative, demanding, contemporary... I can't imagine a better job for myself, seriously.
You see, I don't want to brag about myself but I'm pretty successful. :)
After getting a communication design degree in NYC (after three years in KL I've transferred to NYC - thanks Mom for all the support!) I've worked for several ad agencies and graphic studios and then I've decided to establish my own ad agency which has became one of the most prestigious in Slovakia. Right now we're trying to get to the Austrian market as well, wish us luck..
There's a lot of work now, and I, as the CEO has to manage it all, represent the agency and be responsible for the ongoing profit..... I'm pretty exhausted, I have to admit.
In the presence we're working on a corporate identity for one artsy bookstore and I've never came across such a difficult task! They want to make an impression of a creative, deep, inspirating bookstore for both the professional and amateur artists and they want us to accentuate the artsy air flowing in the minimalistic interieur of the bookstore.
Oh gosh. @_@
I wonder what does the corporate identity has to do with an interieur... Well, I've already contacted their interieur designer and we're working on it together.
Poor my friends in Le Monde... I couldn't even talk to them because of all the calls - wah, the clients should learn to stop the calls after 7pm!!!!

Have I forgotten anything?
Oh yes, my living. :)
Me & Oli can't afford the maisonette in River Park yet but we have a nice little villa at Koliba which I bought 7 years ago after living in a newly built apartment house in Karlova Ves. I love new apartments but Karlova Ves was really far away from the downtown and anyways, I love Koliba.
I'm just renovating the villa, I want it to lose its shabby exterieur so the architect recommended me to rebuilt it. After a consultation with him (believe or not, but the architect was S!!!! Still remember him? I've almost died on the spot when he walked to the office, I think it was the biggest shock ever. He looks like an old poodle now, very funny~) I've decided on completely changing the windows and for adding a bit of wood here and there.... I go for a stylish minimalism as you know.
Inside we've changed it a bit too, I wanted to have more air there so we're pulling down two walls. I have a huge kitchen - it's light pink and there's a golden marble on the walls, orchids in the windows and a big palm tree in the corner. Very tropical!
The living room is stylish, spacey and crisp with its turquise walls, puristic white sofa and golden pillows from Thai silk. Nice!!!!
The bathroom is lovely too I think... The walls are from white marble, the clayware is white too and there is a beautiful wooden furniture from Korea which accentuates the bathroom's purity and adds a certain vibrant Asian feeling to it.

I'm pretty proud on whole the interieur, it was all my work, I've consulted with the interieur designer only one room and that was Oli's which is whole in boyish blue & brown tones and there are lots of shelves for all the books, cars and toys..

In the garden I have lots of sakuras and peach trees and it's so beautiful in the spring.... Me & Oli use to sit on the terrace and look at the blossoms falling down to the swimming pool's clear water. ROMANTIC. My garden is the best getaway from all the work.

We - the gang - are planning a relaxing trip to French Polynesia in the winter and I can hardly wait for the time when I dare to switch off my mobile phone and ignore all the emails.
The CEO is away, contact the VP, sorry!!!!

Oh no, another call. I bet it's about the logo for that pharmaceutical company.

Actually I think I'll have to go.... I've promised a car model to Oliver (he wants that new BMW) and he just can't wait for it so we're off to Avion Shopping Park now. I guess we're gonna have some sushi and I'll have a shot of sake cuz I think I need it. @_@

Dear God, make the weekend come when me & Kuci and our kids will go to High Tatra and hike and play tennis!!!!


aud said...

your hair is so pretty! actually, you were cute last time but now you're gorgeous! somebody is growing upppp XP

Ilkka said...

Interesting baibee!

Princess Mich said...

AUD: Yaaaayyy!!!! Thanks for such a compliment!!! ^_^ I don't think I'm gorgeous, but thanks anyways! ^_~

BAIBEE: More like stupid! :P