Thursday, August 24, 2006


A very creative title, I know. :P Let's hope my future ad slogans won't be as creative as well! :P O_O Cuz if yes, byebye nice apartment/villa at Koliba & byebye a nice car!

This will be a VERY random post btw.

Lacoste has sales.
And I'm leaving for Thassos on Friday for 12 days with madre.

The cons of the leaving:

  • What if the Lacoste sales will be over when I come back?!
  • Linda has returned from Salzburg liao & I won't even see her before I leave
  • I think I'll miss out on lots of outings with the gang
  • Madre!
The pros:

  • The turquise sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The white beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The palm trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The warmth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The 4 star hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The tzatziki and fish
  • The RELAXATION (well, or maybe not, I'll be there with madre)
  • Tennis courts by the hotel - maybe I'll meet a hot Korean who's gonna teach me tennis there XD

I'm looking forward!!!!
But but.... I think I won't be able to blog a lot, so this is the one but last post from me before I come back.

I saw T, that S-resembling-dude in the trolleybus today and amazingly, I've felt nothing looking at him. He has very pretty eyes & lips, I must admit, but that hair.....EEEEKKK!!! @_@ Is it that I'm really already over S? Is it that? ^^
That means another chapter in my life!!!! ^__^
On the second though..I wonder what would happen if I saw S. Like very close to me & for more than just 2 seconds. Would I still feel that "I'm over him liao"?
Somethong is telling me that I wouldn't be *that* over him yet, SO, PLEASE KEEP S AWAY FROM ME!!!! I don't wanna go into all that agonizing yet again. Six years was more that enough. Hmpf. >_> @_@

Know what.
I think I want to hug some guy. XD

Did that sound stupid? :P

I guess it did, so HEY, I meant my guy, not any guy! I think I would like to have a boyfriend now, but except of UJ there's no one else fulfilling my standard. Aiyoooohhh....
Difficult to find someone suitable for me cuz I want way too much. :P

Lalalaaaaaaa, I'm listening to the Lion King OST, you know how beautiful it is???!!! ^_____^

I digressed, sorry! ^^;;;;
Really, really, really. A boyfriend! *_*
A boyfriend who'd hug me, laugh with me, smell well, do stupid funny stuffs, understand my materialism & wasting, love food, love ME (more than food, please!), wear nice clothes (I'm vain, I know), be relatively well-off (or his parents actually. Ahem, you know, after my ex I don't want boyfriends whom I'll have to pay dinners...), be self-confident, independant, tolerant, one who'd drink in moderation & one who wouldn't smoke.....and one who'd like some form of art.

Ayayayayayayayayyyyyy, I want TOO much, there's NO ONE like that!!!! NO ONE!!!!!! O_O Okay, UJ is like that (for 98%) but he's my classmate, as we know.

But a bear hug from a nice, loving dude who'd have a lovely scent (or perfume or both, haha!), that'd be somethong!!!! :D

That'd for sure keep me sane during the last year at the grammar school! :D
Or maybe it'd keep me insane, cuz yeah, love is crazy.

Hmmmm, hmmmmmmm.

I have a headache!!!! @_@ I don't know from what though, cuz I don't have headaches often....I guess I'm just sleep-deprived or what.....or I'm iPod nano-less hahha....


  • Pure (Jil Sander)
  • Gucci Vol. II (Gucci)
  • Chance (Chanel)
  • Envy Me 2 (Gucci)
  • Lacoste Inspiration (if it's good!!!! I'm gonna get the samples soon, I've ordered them. :D)
(The credits)

That crocodile is making my mood better. :P He's SMILING, see it? ^.^

WAAAHHH, this is such a retarded post. @_@ XD I'd better go to bed, it's 1.48am anyways & I HAVE A HEADACHE. Blaaaahhh. @_@

Listening to: The Lion King OST
Yay!: Nice day again, with UJ & Dada. Nice salmon.
Grrr: Why can't there be another UJ? MMM??!!! WTF!!! One UJ would be a classmate, another UJ-like dude would be a boyfriend. But then please, I want the UJ-like dude to have nicer eyes. Heheheh.


Anneesa said...


And you're leaving soon??? Sob sob sob!

Come online later okay? I'll be up doing my assignment so YOU HAVE TO BE ONLINE!


Lots of love!

Lynnie said...

SAYANGKUUUU WIFE!!!Come back soon laa!!Hubooby misses wife and all her coco pink thongs!!!!


Princess Mich said...

Hubooby & Ducky Sis:


I'm BAAAAAACK!!!! And tmr I'll be online, k?? ^__^

I missed ya!!