Thursday, August 17, 2006

Daily Tasks

I know that nobody cares for my daily schedule, but because I'm highly alzheimeric, I have to note down my daily tasks cuz only that way I can remember them.

So today I have to:

  • take a shower & wash my (they say very beautiful & silky, hohoooo, I'm Cho Chang) hair
  • FINISH THAT INTERIER DRAWING IN MY NOTEBOOK!!!!!! (*Cenfad, Parsons, Cenfad, Parsons*, ooooh my mantra)
  • eat the yoghurt & drink the Pu Erh tea <---------------------- both drawing & eating can be done on the loggia, as it's sunny & nice outside
  • TIDE UP my room & CLEAN UP the floor
  • 2pm - finish the walk with Haku
  • 3pm - Polus City Center with Kuci
  • exchange 20 Euro for Skk
  • late lunch at Polus, use up the Gastropass tickets!!!!
  • change ah lian clothes into sporty clothes & go learn to play TENNIS
  • poophaps watch Mulan as a therapy? ^_^

Oh gosh, this is such a looooong & exciting day!!!! ^___^ I think that I'll have problems remembering what to do next, so I'd better print this up. Yeah, I'm THAT alzheimeric. :P

Off I go to take a shower & wash my Cho Chang-ish hair. ^^

I MISS SINGAPOOPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Outside it feels like in the Singapooporean morning and I feel like going for a bubble tea & sushi somewhere but WHOOPS, I can't.............................
Shit, I've been to Spoopore only for 8 days cuz I've decided to waste my time at KL with a guy I thought I'm gonna love forever and yadda yadda which of course wouldn't be truth, only if I were Cinderella or WTP.

And when talking about Singapoopore, I'd really like to have the TiT Localbrand t-shirt which is so darn cool!!!! *___* A TAI TAI!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!! That's whom I want to become, apart from being a successful graphic designer! :D XD
Maybe the red one would do, red doesn't always fit me cuz I'm just so deadly white, but it's a beautiful color, ain't it? ^.^ Or maybe the white + pink one? But that's too sweet or no.....
M or L.
I think I'll be annoying yet again & ask my sayangku hubooby to buy it for me and send me.

And that reminds me of buying somethong for Munie cuz I owe her a gift "Made in Europe" for the ilegal (ssshhhh) VCD with "April Snow", starring BYJ.

Time to do my scheduled stuff!!!! ^^

Pointless ending No. 1.: I'm not so sure whether I want the iPod or no. Tell me, DO I EVEN NEED IT?!
Pointless ending No. 2.: It's 17th August. The school-year is drawing near. Please, shoot me someone before I do it myself!!!!!

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: I'm gonna try my new Shiseido mascara today! ^_^ Shiseido rocks ducks!!!! ^__^
Grrr: Laziness is bad. MICHAELA, DRAW/PAINT MORE, YOU CHEEBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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