Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Amazing Absurdity

Very briefly cuz I'm sian liao.

I was out with Li Hong & we had a good time as usually.
I went to UJ's and we've planned to stay there for maybe like 2 hours, fry pancakes and then go to IKEA with Dada.

The plan has changed & when it was drawing to the end of the day, it all began to look rather AMAZING.

Dada couldn't have gone to IKEA cuz she had tennis & then her fone got screwed up & she couldn't tell us that we don't have to wait for her.
So we've waited. Me at UJ's have waited for 8 hours and during that time I've talked to UJ's cute & freaky younger bro, met his grandma, met his father, met his mother, read all Porsche, Bang & Olufsen, Laufen, Sony Cybershot DSC-T9, iPod, iPod nano, Lacoste & Lexxus Real Agency prospectuses, played with toy cars with UJ's bro, fried the pancakes, had lunch & lunch 2 with UJ, his bro & his grandma and went for a walk for some Kofola with UJ & his bro (UJB).

Throughout whole this time neither me or UJ had known that later we'll be understood as a........................COUPLE. *faints & dies laughing*

Because I wasn't contacting madre for a while, I got an SMS from her saying: "I hope that you aren't pregnant yet."

UJ's father (UJF) came, shook my hand & said: "I'm glad to get to know you finally! UJ has been mentioning you so much!"

Later he has said: "Michaela....that's such a beautiful name, but I can't get it, why the nickname Mosha? Can I call you Misha? Or Mishka? (the way my closest family calls me btw!) Can I?"

And then: "UJ's bro is a lovely boy, ain't he? I think you guys go along very well.." *contended smile*

After that: "I've gotten to know my dear lady (wife) in my 16yrs...." *a diabolic wink first at UJ & then at me*

And then: "How did you get home yesterday? By the night's bus?" <--- I went home at 0.35am from a bus stop nearby UJ cuz we were together until then.
Me: "Yes, by the night's bus, I got home safe, only I felt very cold."
UJF: "Why hasn't UJ borrowed you any jacket? So bad of him, he's no gentleman.."
Me: "Eeehh, but that's okay, why should he be borrowing me his jackets.."
UJF: "And now you won't feel cold when the three of you are off to Slavin? Don't you need a jacket now? Why hasn't UJ given you any? Well, don't you want mine? Or he will borrow you his & I will borrow him mine!" *looks at UJ with a very interesting glint in eyes*
Me: "Oh please, no no no, it's totally okay!" *not getting the fuss*
UJ: O_o ???

A bit later:
UJB: "Let's go to Slavin!"
UJ: "Okay, let's go!"
Me: "Surez!"
UJF: "Yeah, just go to Slavin! UJB can stay here with me & *you two* can go.."
Me & UJ *alarmed cuz we've got that UJF thinks we're dating*: "Oh no, we want to take UJB with us!" O_O

When I was leaving, after me, UJ & UJB went to Slavin and me & UJ were dying of laughter & very mixed emotions and trying to figure out how to let mi madre & UJF know that we aren't dating & that we've never dated...:

UJ: "You really can't get to that bus stop by yourself? Don't you know where is it?"
Me: "Sorry....I have no idea, I don't know this part of the city very well."
UJF: "Just walk her to the bus stop! When I was in your age, I walked my lady everywhere!"
UJ: *speechless* @_#
Me: *slaps head* "Ahem..umm...mmm...take care, goodbye..I had a nice time here!" *walks away with eyes wide opened in shock* O_O

There was more of this, LOTS MORE. It all lead to one thing: ME & UJ ARE FOR SURE DATING!!!!!! AND UJF & UJM LIKE ME!!!! UJB LIKES ME TOO!!! AAAAAHHH, I'M SUCH A GREAT UJ'S GIRLFRIEND, TOTALLY LOVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*slaps head & doesn't know whether to laugh or cry*

I REALLY like UJ. He even fulfills my standard & he knows that he does....but we both know, that dating would be plainly ridiculous! We don't wanna date. We really, really like each other but it's not love!
As you've seen, I've thought about dating him, cuz really, he's a great guy. But WTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_# Oh gosh...
Still, I think we do look like we're dating. Ah yay.

This is so funny!!! XD
I can't stand how funny it is!!!! 3 months ago I haven't even talked to UJ much & then we somehow started to talk....and all....and now we have to deal with the fact that my mother & his father think that we're dating. XD


Pardon me, but I'm going to die of laughter. XD
And to be honest, I'm even liking it that these two crazy ducks think that we're dating. XD Maybe, maybe in the smallest feather of mine I do like UJ *that* way....well, he fulfills my standard after all. O_o We're classmates though and we wouldn't date.....plus he wouldn't want me anyways I think. :P


I'm going to get my beauty sleep and then....then we shall see. Maybe tmr I'll wake up pychically adapted on the fact, that according to two people, me & UJ are dating. Aigooooo. :P

Listening to: "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland
Yay!: Me & UJ fried really good pancakes. :D And I think that us cooking together must have supported the dating ideas of UJF as well. Wah.
Grrr: I dunno what's grrrr. HAHA!!! I'm in such a funny mood now! XD

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