Thursday, October 19, 2006


Look at me!

Ain't I BEAUTIFUL???? ^___^
I LOVE crazy make-ups.
But just on certain times, I wouldn't wear such to school but these hostessing actions rock duck.... I even had strawberry pink lips but I ate the lipstick as the evening went by, so I'm with bare lips on the photo.

The CEO of T-Com told me that I'd "always be pretty, no matter when & where". I mean, whohohooo!!!! O_o The CEO! *gasp*
Okay. Either he was just being polite or I was cantik enough for the important man to notice me, the invisible hostess in brutal pink (magenta) paper (!!!) dress. :P

I almost fogot.... I had a mad hairstyle too. Well, kind of mad - it was no Petronas Towers gelled up (?) on my head, just messy side ponytail with a HUGE magenta paper almost-ribbon and it made me look like some Hawaiian princess or what.


On the other hand, here I'm bragging about how cantik I felt.... But well... There were 5 other girls apart from me and 3 of them were models with perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect complexions, perfect hair, perfect everything.
Size 36, whole world seen, 175cm tall, 50kg and beautiful.

I felt like a crap. =_=

Then there were two other girls - both go-go dancers and those were two sluts. Aiyoooh. I must admit that I was complex-free when looking at them, cuz seriously, the 1st one was small, blonde and very very fake and the other one was a pure WHORE. And she even wants to go study SEXUOLOGY. Hahahaha.
Okay la girl, I guess you should in this field, ya know what I mean? XD

Well, I think I must go now cuz I have 5km of make-up on my face, 3l of hairspray in my hair and as it's after midnight, I have only around 6 hours left to sleep. DUH. @_@
I'm gonna be so fresh tomorrow, I know it liao. =_=

Listening to: "P. I. M. P." by 50 Cent :P
Yay!: YAY!!! ^___^ And 900Skk!
Grrr: I had to skip the TOEFL course...ooops.... @_#


Ilkka said...

My beautiful baibee! ^__^

Princess Mich said...

Yay!!! ^____^

AT LAST I look good! Hahaha!