Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ducky Princess' Glad Game

Inspired by Potatomus Maximus' Glad Game I decided to do da same thing. ^^

Here quacks MY Glad Game:

1. I am glad because I am alive & quacking happily. ^^

2. I am glad because I live in Bratislava and I have my freaky & kool & perfect parents, Haku and my lovely featherliciously pooperfect friends here & abroad.

3. I'm also glad that my name is Michaela what means "God's alike" and it gives me a false illusion of being a goddess/bombshell/star. WAHAHAHA.

4. I'm glad for visiting so many countries liao.
Almost whole Europe!!! UK (2x), Greece (3x), Austria, Czech rep., Poland, Hungary, Italy, France, Benelux countries, Canary Islands, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia...... !!!!
And then.... ASIA!!! YEAHHH!!!
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Mmmmmmmm. ^_^

No USA or America Latina or Australia or China or Russia or Scandinavia yet but life's long for that. ^^

5. I'm glad that I'm 168cm & 59kg.
Errr, actually I'm just 167,5cm BUT I like to think that I'm 168cm cuz that sounds like I'm not that short. :P

6. I'm glad that I'm a 1/4 Korean. Makes me feel :P And a bit exotic too! Heh!

7. I'm glad that I have two hands & legs and that with those two hands I could apply hydrating grape facial mask today and now I have to wash it off. :P

*rushes away to the bathroom*

*comes back with complexion soft as a duckling's bontot*


Mmmmm. Thank you, Garnier.
I'm a bodoh AH LIAN. =_=

Errr, ok, I'll continue my game. :P

8. I'm glad that Tsung Long just emailed me & sent me 3 kool photos!!!! WAH! :D Thanks! ^^ He told me one VERY important thing: Asian guys are sweet but they aren't gentlemanly. Haiyooh. I must remember.

9. I'm glad that I can watch Staiway To Heaven. Episode 3!!!! OMD!!!! That bitch Yoo-Ri running over *her*!!!! OH NO!!! *bites all fingers she can* And poor darling Sung-Ju all devastated by the *supposed* death of his love!!! NO! NO! NO!!!

10. I am glad cuz yesterday the Lacoste Touch Of Pink sample arrived.

11. I am glad cuz I REALLY stopped biting nails and now they're reeaaaalllyy pretty. ^^

12. The presentation yesterday went way better than I thought. The prof was delighted with me and said that it was for 1* what's an equivalent of A+!!!! WAH!! ^___^v

13. I'm glad cuz the sun is shining outside, the sky is blue & clear and the leaves are green. ^^

14. I'm glad cuz I know what I want to do in my life, even though I'm not too sure if I actually can achieve it. But hopefully I can... Must draw, must draw, must paint, must paint.... @_@

15. I'm glad cuz I have a fashion taste and I can dress up nicely. Very vain, I know. :D

16. I'm glad for being in a relationship liao, cuz, even though it didn't turn out well, I learnt many things there and I hope that so did Raymond.

17. I'm glad cuz I speak Slovak, Czech, English, Spanish and German. The last two languages...hmm..I'm not fluent at them but I think that if I went to countries where they're spoken, I'd learn fast. I have a certain feeling for languages....or at least I hope I do. :P

And of course, I'm also glad for knowing a bit of Singlish & Malay. And like 3 words from Chinese, Korean & Japanese. Hahaha. :P OK, I know more words, but I definately can't speak. -_-
Banyak bodoh la. Hihihihi! ^^''''

18. I'm glad cuz my hair is nice, shiny, thick & healthy. Whohohohoooo. Anybody wanna endorse me for some hair cosmetics thingee? B-) XD

19. I'm glad cuz my DNA is unique. :P

20. I'm glad cuz today I'm going to see Li Hong and Kika is coming from the spa after 3 weeks so I'll see her too! ^^

21. I am glad for having some painting talent. I wish I had more, but hey, I can't have it all. :P

22. I'm glad for reading a perfect article about the makan culture in Singapore! ^_^ Yes! It was in today's SME newspaper... I'd link it here, but you guys don't speak Slovak, so....

Chicken rice.
Roti canai.
Char kway teow.

YAAAY! *_*

23. I'm glad for falling in a stable, fluffy, feathery love with Southeast Asia. ^^
Reading blogs from there, knowing that food (and drinks) and most impooportantly - having FRIENDS from there - gives my life a nice, new perspective! :D It's like, I have my regular, Slovak part of life....and then the other part filled with Korean sotong from Times Square & bubble tea and Xiaxue & hubooby & Nisah and CENFAD and La Salle and all my dreams of going there for uni. Heheh.

24. I'm glad for having a bit of an insight into the Korean stuffs as well. ^^ The dramas! The music! The kimchi! The guys! The hanbok! The Taekwon-Do! The Hangul! WAHHH!!! :D And Jong Moon oppa! Ji Sun! Bae Yong Joon! WHOHOHOOO!

25. I'm glad for having freaky friends like UJ & Ali who don't mind walking 0.5km on feet from the Apollo bridge to the Apollo Business Centre at 1am and calling a taxi from there and then sleeping in my weird PJs. :D

26. I'm of course glad for having Kuci as well! She's my SAYANG, even though she doesn't know the meaning of the sayang word...hahhah.... :D

27. I'm glad for experiencing summer holidays like the recent one and the one from 2 years ago. ^^ Both different, both beautiful beyond words. ^___^

28. I'm glad for having you, Ilkka, hubooby, Nisah & Tsung Long. Thanks. ^__^

29. I'm glad for being healthy & not starving.

30. I'm glad for having my PC (even though I'd prefer Mac now, hahha). It's a gate to the world!!! :D I dunno what I'd do without it. =_= Wither away maybe. Hehe.

31. I'm glad for being the weird myself cuz I have fun with myself. XD

32. I'm glad for being young and having the whole life in front of me!!! :D It scares me sometimes, but on the other hand - it's gonna be a nice, long adventure. Mmmm.

33. I'm glad for being (at least a bit :P) educated. Ok la, I'm a very bad student and whatever, but I DO have a grammar school education! Ain't that kool?! :D

34. I'm glad that I can be glad!!!! :D Imagine I had depression. Then I wouldn't be able to be glad cuz I'd be thinking of suicide or what. @_@

35. I'm glad that now I'll dress up, apply lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, splash a bit of some perfume and hop on 204 or 209 trolleybus and then on the tram 4 and go see Li Hong. ^^

Off I go to do the Glad Point 35! ^__^

Listening to: "Be Without You" by MJB
Yay!: Hey! The Glad Game is a big YAY!
Grrr: I'm feeling so cold on my feet & palms. =_= Cannot tahan!!!! T_T @_@


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28. Thank you baibee! ^__^

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Im glad I got to know you my wonderful quirky ducky friend ;)


Princess Mich said...

So am I, my dearest ducky sis!!! ^_^